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RAF power supply 2 F outputs 24V 150mA

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Satélite Rover
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Satélite Rover

RAF 24V 150mA Satellite Rover Power Supply

Small power supplies to power mast amplifiers or active DTT-UHF antennas at 24V 150mA. Its installation must be carried out in an interior space, protecting the equipment from the elements.

It has 2 F-type outputs to distribute the TV signal to 2 outlets in the house. You can use splitters to get the signal to as many shots as necessary.

We recommend this power supply for Satélite Rover Mast Amplifiers. But it is also valid for equipment from other brands that are powered at 24V.

Satélite Rover
24/48 Hours

24V 150mA RAF power supply with 2 F outputs.

What technical specifications does the Rover Satellite RAF power supply have?

  • Reference: 86003
  • Model: RAF
  • Inputs / Outputs: 1/2
  • Frequency band: 47-862 MHz
  • Input voltage: 230V
  • Output voltage: 24 V
  • Max current: 150 mA
  • Insertion loss: 4 dB
  • Dimensions (mm): 105 x 110 x 45
Satélite Rover
24/48 Hours
More Information
EAN 8430923860030
System DTT
Color White
Power supply Mast Amplifier
Feed Power 24 Vc
Current (mA) 150
Outputs 2
Product Brand Satélite Rover
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