Mast amplifier kit AMP-LTE404L and FA-MAX24160 for UHF

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40dB high gain mast amplifier kit for DTT antennas

This kit includes the mast amplifier AMP-LTE404L with its corresponding FA-MAX24160 power supply of reduced size, both products are from Tecatel.

It has type F connectors for its connection. Connectors not included, necessary five: two for the amplifier and three for the power supply.

The amplifier is characterized by its high gain up to 40dB, its low consumption and its low noise figure, has an integrated LTE 5G filter to adapt its DTT collection system to the 2nd Digital Dividend.

Kit only suitable for the UHF band and for use on a single DTT antenna, with current pass to feed also active DTT antennas.


Kit to install on mast and amplify the 470-690 MHz band of terrestrial television, with equipment prepared to withstand adverse weather conditions.

What technical characteristics does the Tecatel amplifier AMPLTE404L have?

Reference AMP-LTE404L
Inputs 1 x UHF
Frequency range 470 - 690 MHz
Gain 40 dB
Gain adjustment 15 dB
Output level 112 dBμV
Noise figure 3 dB typ.
Connectors F Female
Power supply 12 - 24 V
Power consumption 62 mA
Passage of electrical current Yes
Index of protection IP23
Dimensions 145 x 10 x 45 mm
Weight 0.3 kg

What technical characteristics does the Tecatel FA-MAX24160 power supply have?

  • Frequency Range: 5-862MHz
  • Insertion loss: 3-4 dB
  • RF Number of entries: 1
  • Number of RF outputs: 2
  • Power Supply: 195-240V  Output voltage: 24V DC
  • Maximum output current: 160mA
  • Minimum / Maximum consumption: 1W / 4W
  • Temperature range: -5 / 55 º C
  • RIVER index of protection: IP20
More Information
EAN 8430549059955
System DTT
Color Black
Type Mast amplifier
Entorno Exterior
# Inputs 1
Outputs 1
Gain 40
Max. output level Ganancia (dB/uV) 112
LTE compatible No
Current bypass Terrestrial
Product Brand Tecatel
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