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Dish Supports to put on the wall or in the floor

We have a great variety of supports. The supports can be put on the wall or in the floor. It is so important to choose a carrier with a diameter of robust and suitable for the size of our parabolic tube. In our media we have indicated the size of dish that are suitable to use.

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  1. Short Flange for PG32 and PG40 FTE Supports
    SKU: EKMR8

    €2.30 Tax included
  2. Satellite painted support PM 32
    SKU: DAXSU0201

    €3.36 Tax included
  3. "U" Wall Support Ø30mm for 60cm Satellite Dishes
    SKU: ROV53066

    €3.96 Tax included
  4. Wall mount ø 30 mm for 60 cm dishes.
    SKU: ROV53034

    €4.43 Tax included
  5. Parabolic Stand 60-80cm PM 32 Silver
    SKU: DAXSU0202

    €4.72 Tax included
  6. Parabolic Support Daxis PM 40 Painted Wall/Mast
    SKU: DAXSU0220

    €4.90 Tax included
  7. Support mast screw "L" Satellite Rover 300mm 61017
    SKU: ROV61017

    €5.19 Tax included
  8. Support of 35mm diameter for parabolic antenna of 80cm diameter
    SKU: ROV61039

    €5.31 Tax included
  9. Wall bracket 35 mm diameter for antennas from 60 to 80 cm
    SKU: TECPP-35

    €6.09 Tax included
  10. Wall "L" Support Ø35mm for 80cm Satellite Dishes
    SKU: TEL7393

    €6.59 Tax included
  11. Parabolic Support Daxis PM 40 Silver Wall/Mast
    SKU: DAXSU0221

    €7.65 Tax included
  12. Mast wall recessed mount ''U'' reinforced 500mm bracket
    SKU: TEL2406

    €8.41 Tax included
  13. Universal support in S AC7034 Engel
    SKU: ENGAC7034

    €8.99 Tax included
  14. Antenna Support Ø 35mm to Turret, Mast, Handrail
    SKU: ROV61038

    €9.26 Tax included
  15. Antenna Support Ø 25mm for Balcony or Window
    SKU: ROV61040

    €11.10 Tax included
  16. 40 mm diameter wall mount for 100cm satellite dishes
    SKU: ROV61042

    €11.98 Tax included
  17. Parabolic support silver PM 50
    SKU: DAXSU0241

    €13.78 Tax included
  18. Wall/Mast Support ø40mm for 80-100cm Satellite Dishes
    SKU: FTEPG40

    €14.04 Tax included
  19. 50mm support for 100cm parabolic antenna
    SKU: SP50

    €18.53 Tax included
  20. 50x2x700mm wall bracket antenna 100 cm
    SKU: ANTTV205130

    €19.21 Tax included
  21. Wall Bracket ø 45 mm for Antennas 85 and 100 cm
    SKU: TEL7349

    €19.41 Tax included
  22. Support wall / floor ø 45 mm. galvanized 110 cm
    SKU: TEL719202

    €20.17 Tax included
  23. Wall Bracket ø 50 mm for antennas 90 and 110 cm

    €23.07 Tax included
  24. Bracket for 180mm antenna on tower Rover Satellite 53064
    SKU: ROV53064

    €24.60 Tax included
  25. Wall Bracket ø 45 mm for Antennas 85 and 100 cm
    SKU: TEL7371

    €25.80 Tax included
  26. Wall bracket ø60 mm for 120cm dish Rover Satellite 53069
    SKU: ROV53069

    €28.19 Tax included
  27. Support for wall or floor ø 50 mm for antennas up to 110 cm.
    SKU: ROV53060

    €29.08 Tax included
  28. Wall / floor holder for ø 60mm antennas up to 135 cm
    SKU: TEL719201

    €30.01 Tax included
  29. Wall Bracket Ø 70mm for 110 and 135 cm Dishes
    SKU: TECPP-70

    €45.63 Tax included
  30. Support Ø 60 MM Wall-vertical for Satellite Dish 120 cm
    SKU: TECPP-60-N

    €55.45 Tax included
  31. Wall support vertical ø 70mm for 110 and 135cm antennas
    SKU: TECPP-70-O

    €64.28 Tax included
  32. 76 mm Diameter Wall Support for 150 cm Antennas
    SKU: FTEP76P

    €72.42 Tax included
  33. Parabolic support for antenna more than 100cm in diameter
    SKU: ROV53071

    €85.24 Tax included
  34. 180cm skyware antenna stand
    SKU: SKYSOP180

    €100.67 Tax included

    35 Items

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