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IR and A/V transmitters

In this section we find the transmitters. We can find remote control transmitters and audio and video transmitters.

The remote control transmitters can be wireless or by coaxial cable, their function is to send the infrared signal from the remote control to the room where the receiving equipment is located. In this way, we can control IR equipment without having to be in the same room as these.

A/V transmitters allow you to send audio and video signals to other rooms wirelessly. With these transmitters we can display the image of a DTT/SAT receiver, console or media player on various screens in the house located in different rooms.

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  1. IR for Illusion SA600 receiver

    €5.45 Tax included
  2. Coaxial cable IR transmitter from Daxis (Second socket)
    SKU: DAXTR0204

    €17.23 Tax included
  3. IR Remote Control Transmitter TR0117
    SKU: DAXTR0117

    €17.62 Tax included
  4. Additional infrared coaxial cable extender

    €21.61 Tax included
  5. Daxis IR signal transmitter
    SKU: DAXTR0011

    €22.26 Tax included
  6. Digidom IR Supplementary Transmitter for 723703 Televes
    SKU: TEL721903

    €22.88 Tax included
  7. Digidom IR Televes Transmitter and Receiver Kit OUTLET
    SKU: TEL723703OUT

    €32.57 Tax included
  8. Transmitter and Receiver for IR transmitter Tecatel REMOTEC

    €34.17 Tax included
  9. Coaxial cable IR transmitter and receiver kit from Daxis
    SKU: DAXTR0203

    €34.17 Tax included
  10. IR over coax Receiver (2nd port)
    SKU: TEL7606

    €36.46 Tax included
  11. Televes Digidom Wireless Remote Control Transmitter
    SKU: TEL723703

    €39.47 Tax included

Items 1-12 of 17

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