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LNB Converters for Satellite Dishes

The LNB is the most important element for the satellite dish antenna since it is the one that really captures the signal and the better the LNB, the better signal quality we will achieve. There are different types of LNBs, we will explain them below:

  • Single LNBs: Only one output for a single receiver. Or to distribute the signal around the house. *
  • Twin LNBs: Two direct outputs for two receivers.
  • Quad LNBs: Four direct outputs for four receivers.
  • Octo LNBs: Eight direct outputs for eight receivers.
  • Quattro LNBs: Four outputs with separate polarities for use with multiswitches. (Homes with 8 or more outlets, and community facilities)

* From a single LNB the signal can be distributed throughout a home as long as we bear in mind that we will only be able to use one receiver at a time if we feed it from the receiver. And if we feed the LNB with a separate source, we will only have a single polarity throughout the house.

Noise figure: Value between 0.1 and 0.7. The lower the noise figure, the better the LNB behaves to receive the signal. (It is not a deciding factor though, some LNBs with a high noise figure value work much better in certain situations).

In this video we show what the different universal LNBs look like and when:

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  1. Protective visor for LNBs

    €1.75 Tax included
  2. Economic Universal Single LNB Converter

    €2.77 Tax included
  3. Single LNB Converter 0,3dB orange Televes 7475
    SKU: TEL7475

    €3.99 Tax included
  4. LNB Single Universal 0.3dB Televes
    SKU: TEL747530

    €3.99 Tax included
  5. Kit of LNB 7475 of Televes and 2 connectors F
    SKU: TDT0063

    €4.39 Tax included
  6. LNB Universal Single Converter 0.2dB 50dB Engel
    SKU: ENGAN7123

    €4.72 Tax included
  7. Single Premium 0.2dB Inverto Universal LNB Converter
    SKU: ANTIV205025

    €5.58 Tax included
  8. Universal Twin LNB Converter 0.3dB 50dB Engel
    SKU: ENGAN7106

    €9.28 Tax included
  9. Single Black Ultra high-end LNB converter 0.2 dB by Inverto.
    SKU: ANTIV205525

    €10.96 Tax included
  10. QUATTRO Universal LNB Converter 0.3dB Engel
    SKU: ENGAN7142

    €11.80 Tax included
  11. Astra-Hotbird 6º monoblock single LNB

    €11.86 Tax included
  12. Monoblock 6º Single LNB Converter ASTRA + HOTBIRD Engel
    SKU: ENGAN7108

    €12.11 Tax included

Items 1-12 of 39

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