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Standard Lock Release 540AD-S MAX Fermax

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Standard lock release 540AD-S MAX Fermax 28201

Recessed electric lock to install in the door frame. It is reversible, so it allows opening both to the left and to the right.

Its operation is automatic, the lock release is automatically unlocked when it receives a voltage pulse at 12Vac (alternating). The lock release locks once the tension is stopped and mechanically when the door is closed again.

This electric lock includes a manual release lever, to deactivate its operation and allow free entry and exit.

24/48 Hours

Standard 540AD-S MAX 12Vac electric lock release, with automatic operation and manual unlocking.

What are the main features of the Fermax 28201 Lock Release?

  • Flush mounted Door lock.

    • The doorlock it made up of an electrical mechanisim and a shield if it is flush mounted.

  • Reversible (Right DIN or Left DIN).
    • Lets you open the door from right and left.
  • Symmetrical.
    • Allows to change hands, maintaining the body symmetry.
  • Type A - Automatic 12Vac (Automatic operation and 12 Vac activation).
    • The lock release is unblocked when it receives a 12Vac voltage pulse. The lock release is blocked again once the voltage is cut off and the door opens and closes again mechanically. For proper installation, the automatic lock pin must be pressed in 3mm by the latch once the door is closed again.
  • Type D - Unblocking
    • The door release includes a manual unblocking lever which inhibits its function, allowing free access.
  • Max Adjustable Latch:
    • The lock release includes an adjustable latch, allowing a perfect fit between latch and deadbolt in the lock, with a 4mm margin. It avoids door leaf pressure on the lock release latch bolt.
  • S type flush shield.
  • For access doors.
  • S type grey metallic trim fitted with an electrical mechanism to form a flush-fit lock release.
  • Dimensions: 25(H)x160(V) mm.
24/48 Hours
More Information
EAN 8424299282015
System AC
SERIE Abrepuertas
Color Gray
Current AC
Functioning Automatic with lock (AD)
Multivoltage 10 to 24 Vc/Va No
Product Brand Fermax
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