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Internet access points

The access points are used to extend and establish a wireless network or to connect network devices. Normally allow different operating modes, either as access point mode, repeater mode or bridge mode. (Access point, bridge or extend range, respectively). It must be configured to set the operating mode and need to connect to the network.

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  1. Surge protector for outdoor with two passive ports ETH-SP-G2 Ubiquiti

    €15.97 Tax included
  2. 300 Mbits WLAN access point for wall TL-EAP115-WALL
    SKU: TL-EAP115W

    €39.64 Tax included
  3. Access point EAP110 WLAN 300 Mbits for roof
    SKU: TL-EAP110

    €40.74 Tax included
  4. 300Mbit WLAN access point for ceiling
    SKU: TL-EAP115

    €45.70 Tax included
  5. 300 Mbps EAP 110 access point for outdoor
    SKU: TL-EAP110-Out

    €60.25 Tax included
  6. CPE510 Outdoor Wifi Access Point
    SKU: TL-CPE510

    €68.57 Tax included
  7. Reyee WiFi 5 1267 Mbps Indoor 5GHz PoE Access Point
    SKU: RG-RAP1200F

    €78.48 Tax included
  8. WiFi Access Point AC1200 Gigabit MU-MIMO Omada Tp-link

    €79.50 Tax included
  9. Wall WiFi Access Point x4Gb MU-MIMO Omada AC1200

    €97.99 Tax included
  10. Deco M5 1-Pack 1300Mbit / S in white color

    €99.00 Tax included
  11. Access point for outdoor EAP225 Outdoor by TP-LINK

    €102.17 Tax included
  12. Dual band (2.4 and 5 GHz) Gigabit access point
    SKU: TL-EAP225

    €103.39 Tax included
  13. Reyee WiFi5 1300Mbps Indoor 5GHz PoE Access Point
    SKU: RG-RAP2200F

    €111.70 Tax included
  14. Wi-Fi 6 Wall PoE Access Point AX1800
    SKU: TLEAP615

    €115.14 Tax included
  15. Access Point AC1750 OMADA Wall/Ceiling EAP245 PoE
    SKU: TL-EAP245

    €120.01 Tax included
  16. Controller AP for Omada OC200 of TP-LINK
    SKU: TL-OC200

    €121.63 Tax included
  17. WiFi 5 Access Point 1267 Mbps Indoor 4x Gigabit 5GHz PoE by Reyee
    SKU: RG-RAP1200P

    €124.98 Tax included
  18. 100 AP Standalone ezMaster Skykey I EnGenius Controller

    €128.95 Tax included
  19. Reyee WiFi5 1300Mbps Indoor 2xGigabit 5GHz PoE Access Point
    SKU: RG-RAP2200E

    €148.84 Tax included
  20. Long Range Access Point POE Wall/Ceiling

    €156.63 Tax included
  21. Wall/Ceiling Access Point MU-MIMO Dual Band AC1300 PoE
    SKU: ECW120

    €162.32 Tax included
  22. Dual Band Access Point 2.4/5GHz Engenius MESH Technology

    €166.74 Tax included
  23. Access point AC1750 450Mbps for indoor or outdoor with Ubiquiti PoE
    SKU: UBIAC1750

    €198.46 Tax included
  24. Ceiling Access Point AX1800 Omada WiFi 6 (2.4/5GHz)
    SKU: TL-EAP620HD

    €202.09 Tax included
  25. WiFi 6 Access Point for Electrical Base, Wall or Ceiling
    SKU: ENGECW215

    €210.23 Tax included
  26. Reyee WiFi6 1775Mbps Indoor 2xGigabit 5GHz PoE Access Point
    SKU: RG-RAP2260G

    €216.51 Tax included
  27. WiFi6 Access Point 3000Mbps Indoor 1x2.5Gigabit 5GHz PoE+ by Reyee
    SKU: RG-RAP2260

    €233.72 Tax included
  28. Exterior Dual Band Mesh Access Point

    €131.33 Tax included
  29. Ubiquiti AC1200 Indoor Access Point POE Wall/Ceiling

    €153.00 Tax included

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