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WIFI Repeaters

The wifi repeaters are used to extend the coverage area of ​​the wireless area. Typically they installed at intermediate points between the area already has and the new Wi-Fi area we want to expand. The repeater functions to capture the wireless signal we want, we introduce the first time leave the password to set, and the repeater is responsible for re-amplify this signal and get more scope in its scope. You will see two wireless networks with the same name and the same password. The weaker signal will correspond to the router that will be more adelando and the strongest signal will correspond to the repeater that is closer to the device in this case. The user decides which signal to connect.

The WIFI repeaters are used in homes, local businesses, where the original master router wifi coverage does not reach all areas. It is very common in houses with two floors using a wireless wifi repeater to cover another plant.

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  1. WiFi Repeater 2.4GHz 300Mbps Mercusys
    SKU: MER-NW300RE

    €12.10 Tax included
  2. Universal Repeater 300Mbps Wi-Fi TPLINK
    SKU: TL-WA854RE

    €16.43 Tax included
  3. NJ-APN WiFi Repeater by NuCom

    €17.24 Tax included
  4. WiFi Extender 300Mbps Universal Coverage
    SKU: TL-WA850RE

    €21.08 Tax included
  5. TPLINK Universal 300Mbps Wi-Fi Repeater
    SKU: TL-WA855RE

    €21.82 Tax included
  6. Strong 300Mbits Universal Wi-Fi Repeater

    €23.82 Tax included
  7. WI-FI AC750 coverage extender
    SKU: TL-RE200

    €29.72 Tax included
  8. 300Mbps universal Wi-Fi repeater with plug
    SKU: TL-WA860RE

    €32.14 Tax included
  9. 750 Mbits Dual Band Wi-Fi Repeater

    €35.57 Tax included
  10. Pack 2 WiFi Mesh Repeaters 300Mbps Mercusys

    €48.93 Tax included
  11. Deco E3 Dual Band 2.4 / 5Ghz WiFi Mesh Repeater
    SKU: TP-DECOE32-Pa

    €64.24 Tax included
  12. TP-LINK AC1750 1300Mbits WiFi Repeater
    SKU: TL-RE450

    €88.86 Tax included

12 Items

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WIFI Repeaters