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Cable 2 Fibers Single-mode for Exterior LSFH to cut

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Cable 2 Monomode Fibers for Outdoor

Televes 232002 fiber optic cable is a 9/125 2-fiber hose (G657A2).

This fiber has an attenuation of dB / Km ≤0.4 to 1310nm; ≤0.3 to 1550nm.

The 232002 fiber is a halogen-free, flame retardant, 4.8 mm black fiber optic hose.

This fiber optic hose is supplied to the cut.

24/48 Hours

The 232002 fiber cable is a single-fiber two-fiber hose with LSFH cover.

What technical characteristics does the 232002 fiber have?

  • Hose Type External Single Hose Hose
  • Type of bracket 9/125 (G657A2)
  • Attenuation dB / Km ≤0.4 to 1310nm; ≤0.3 for 1550nm
  • LSFH (Low Smoke Free Halogen) and flame retardant
  • Fiber coated coating diameter mm 0.90 ± 0.05
  • LSFH (Low Smoke Free Halogen) and flame retardant hose cover material
  • Cover Color Black
  • Hose diameter mm 4.8 ± 0.2 (max 5)
  • Radius of curvature min. 10 x hose diameter
  • Traction N 1200
  • Crush N / 100mm 1000
  • Operating temperature ºC -20 to 70ºC

What is fiber optics?

The optical fiber is a transmission medium, usually used in data networks and telecommunications, consisting of a very thin wire of transparent material, glass or plastic materials, by which pulses of light representing the data to be transmitted are sent. The light beam is completely confined and propagates through the interior of the fiber with a reflection angle above the total reflection limit angle, as a function of Snell's law. The light source can be a laser or led diode.

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EAN 8400123200219
Fiber type Singlemode
Entorno Exterior
Color Yellow
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