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Skyline of Fermax line to our installation

Here you can discover all the possibilities SKYLINE can offers for us. It allows in our installation the performed in multiple ways, it is depending on the needs of end users, their preferences, their lifestyle.

The SKYLINE series is the next evolution in electronic and video entry Fermax. With only 28 references, you'll instaler so very versatile Fermax any video systems.

To maximize the chances of SKYLINE, Fermax has built an intuitive tool: SKYLINER. With it you can create your own designs, save the created image and perform a complete material list and a budget.

Already beginning to work with SKYLINER.

Works on Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox and Internet Explorer 8 (is not functional in earlier versions)


 To benefit from this tool you must be a registered user. Log in with your username and password or join

In addition you have a video of very interesting example of how to install a Fermax video entry with a panel with 16 buttons with skyliner series.



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  1. Joining Bolts Set Fermax 8829
    SKU: FER8829

    €2.19 Tax included
  2. DUOX/VDS/BUS2 Connection Cable 6 Wires Fermax
    SKU: FER2541

    €4.39 Tax included
  3. 4+N Connection Cable 3 Wires Fermax
    SKU: FER2540

    €4.57 Tax included
  4. Trim module without push buttons for Fermax Skyline
    SKU: FER7442

    €12.44 Tax included
  5. SKYLINE 1V S1 Frame
    SKU: FER7341

    €22.58 Tax included
  6. NO button Module. W
    SKU: FER7443

    €23.40 Tax included
  7. Skyline 2V S2 frame
    SKU: FER7332

    €34.38 Tax included
  8. Panoramic Cardholder V Module Skyline
    SKU: FER7444

    €35.11 Tax included
  9. SKYLINE Frame 3V S4 Fermax
    SKU: FER7333

    €35.84 Tax included
  10. SKYLINE 4V S5 Fermax Frame
    SKU: FER7334

    €37.30 Tax included
  11. Push button module V 101 DUOX / BUS2 / VDS
    SKU: FER7375

    €38.77 Tax included
  12. Fermax Skyline S6 5V Frame
    SKU: FER7335

    €39.49 Tax included
  13. Skyline frame 6V Series 7 by Fermax
    SKU: FER7336

    €42.42 Tax included
  14. Module 2 Buttons V 201 BUS2 / VDS of Fermax
    SKU: FER7376

    €43.16 Tax included
  15. Skyline S8 7V frame
    SKU: FER7337

    €44.62 Tax included
  16. Module 1 Push button V 101 4+N SKYLINE
    SKU: FER7373

    €46.28 Tax included
  17. Skyline S9 8V frame
    SKU: FER7338

    €46.81 Tax included
  18. 2 pushbuttons 102 V VDS/BUS2
    SKU: FER7368

    €50.47 Tax included
  19. Module 4 Buttons 202 V for BUS2 / VDS / DUOX systems
    SKU: FER7372

    €51.93 Tax included
  20. Module 2 Push Buttons 201 V for SKYLINE plates
    SKU: FER7374

    €52.90 Tax included
  21. 2 Pushbutton Skyline Module 102 V 4+N Fermax
    SKU: FER7366

    €53.00 Tax included
  22. Panoramic Card Holder Module W Skyline
    SKU: FER7445

    €54.86 Tax included
  23. Skyline V Fermax Information Module
    SKU: FER7448

    €59.25 Tax included
  24. Module 4 Pushbuttons V 202 for SKYLINE plate
    SKU: FER7370

    €64.55 Tax included
  25. 4 Puls. 104 W Duox/Bus2/VDS Skyline
    SKU: FER7367

    €69.49 Tax included
  26. 4 Pushbutton Skyline Module 104 W 4+N Fermax
    SKU: FER7365

    €71.87 Tax included
  27. Button 204 BUS2 / VDS. module W
    SKU: FER7371

    €75.54 Tax included
  28. 204 Conventional button Module W
    SKU: FER7369

    €103.82 Tax included
  29. Conventional audio module. W
    SKU: FER7400

    €120.14 Tax included
  30. Module V SKYLINE Reader Proximity
    SKU: FER7440

    €122.69 Tax included
  31. Skyline W DUOX PLUS Video Module
    SKU: FER73911

    €145.56 Tax included
  32. VDS audio module. W
    SKU: FER7415

    €152.19 Tax included
  33. Direct Keyboard AC + W Skyline Series
    SKU: FER7457

    €163.85 Tax included
  34. Digital Keyboard Module BUS2 / VDS. W
    SKU: FER7439

    €192.37 Tax included
  35. Digital Keyboard Module BUS2 / VDS / MDS. W
    SKU: FER7447

    €200.48 Tax included
  36. Memokey autonomous Module
    SKU: FER7438

    €201.74 Tax included

Items 1-36 of 41

per page
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Fermax SKYLINE Series