Home Automation

Home Automation

Do you imagine yourself running the washing machine from outside? Or turning on the air conditioner before you get home so that it is warm when you arrive? Do you want to control the lights and entrance accesses with your mobile phone? Well, home automation takes care of all of this.

Home automation helps to improve life's quality in aspects such as: energy saving, accessibility, security, a more comfortable home and better communications. It's a way to communicate with the connected objects of our home, creating the so-called smart home.

Nowadays, everyone seeks to centralize and manage automated procedures. Home automation allows us to saty updated with new trends on our lifestyle, with better design for more functional houses. A home automation system is capable of collecting information from sensors, detectors and inputs, to process them and issue orders to actuators or outputs. It allows both in-person and remote management and can access external communication or information networks.


The use of home automation is also very common in the management of household items for people with disabilities to suits their needs, in addition to offering telecare services for those who need it.


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