Hikvision 868MHz Tri-X Wireless Glassbreak Detector

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Wireless Glassbreak Detector DS-PDBG8-EG2-WE

AXPRO series detector, with Tri-X technology, works via radio. Detects glass breakage up to a range of 8 meters with an angle of 120º.

To configure it, you just have to add the device easily through the application. It is necessary to connect to the control panel for its correct operation. Protection against manipulation and interference. AES-128 encryption and LED indicator.

It works with 2 CR123A batteries, lasting up to 5 years. In the case of needing to change them, its procedure is very simple.

Technical Specifications of Wireless Glassbreak Detector DS-PDBG8-EG2-WE


Detection Performance

  • Detection Method: Acoustic Sensor
  • Rango De Detección: 8m
  • Detection Angle: 120°
  • Sensitivity: 2m;4m;6m;8m
  • Glass Type: Float;Plate;Tampered;Wired;Laminated Leaded;Double Glazing
  • Glass Thickness: 4mm to 6.4mm
  • Glass Size: 3m x 0.3m to 3m x 3m


  • Digital Processing: Support
  • Tamper Protection: Front;Rear
  • Environment Temperature Indicator: Support
  • Signal Strength Indicator: Support


  • Alarm Input: Normally Closed;Normally Open;Impulse Count
  • Power switch:Power Up Enrolling
  • LED indicator: Blue(Alarm)


  • Transmission Technology: Tri-X Wireless
  • Transmission Method: Two-Way RF Wireless
  • Transmission Frequency: 868MHz
  • Transmission Security: AES-128 Encryption
  • Transmission Range(Free Space): 6Km
  • Frequency Hopping: Support
  • Enrolling Method: Power up;Remote ID;QR Code

Electrical Characteristics

  • Power supply: Battery Powered
  • Battery Type: CR123A × 2
  • Typical Voltage: 3V
  • Standard Battery Life: 5 years in work status (being triggered 20 times per day)
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System Tri-X
SERIE Sensors
Color White
Automation Window/Door Sensor
Product Brand Hikvision
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