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  1. Cable Tester RJ45 and BNC GTLAN 22GTST248
    SKU: 22GTST248

    €9.91 Tax included
  2. POE Tester Lanberg Cable RJ45-RJ12-RJ11 Coaxial
    SKU: LANNT0404

    €20.21 Tax included
  3. Tester Lanberg RJ45-RJ11-USB Coaxial
    SKU: LANNT0403

    €20.97 Tax included
  4. Data and Telephony Basic Toolkit

    €37.10 Tax included
  5. Network Certifier CAT 6 Type F GTLan
    SKU: 22GTCRC6

    €2,541.18 Tax included
  6. Qualifier for Cables, Copper Networks and Gigabit Fiber Optic
    SKU: PROIC075D

    €2,967.08 Tax included
  7. Network Certifier Category 6 by Ampliantena
    SKU: AMP509

    €3,491.33 Tax included
  8. Network Certifier CAT6A LanTEK III 500MHz
    SKU: 22R161003

    €9,752.60 Tax included
  9. Voice Certifier and data networks Category 6A
    SKU: PROIC019C

    €10,558.76 Tax included

9 Items

per page
Set Descending Direction

Telephony and Networks Instrumentation