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Subjection of the mast.

The subjection of the masts can be installer in different points of the installation, in the wall, in the roof, flat base...

When we must subject a mast, normally it has two points and stay upright. It is recommended to install 1 meter apart, so that the support mast as possible wind pressure.

When we choose a mast over 6 meters are installed clamping winds.

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  1. Flange for fastening 45mm masts Rover Satellite 50x100 60014
    SKU: ROV60014

    €1.32 Tax included
  2. Angle Corner Protection for Chimney
    SKU: TEL2412

    €1.37 Tax included
  3. Small flange 8mm 60x100 satellite rover 60004
    SKU: ROV60004

    €1.57 Tax included
  4. Mast Clamp Ø 25-45mm Zinc + RPR Televes
    SKU: TEL2047

    €1.59 Tax included
  5. RPR Clamp 35mm diameter.
    SKU: TEL2413

    €1.71 Tax included
  6. Flange for securing masts 50mm 60x150 Satellite Rover 60003
    SKU: ROV60003

    €1.95 Tax included
  7. Recessed Wall Bracket type "V" 300mm
    SKU: TEL2402

    €2.13 Tax included
  8. Support for square-shaped mast profile 30x4
    SKU: ROV61016

    €2.90 Tax included
  9. 280mm flush mounting plate for mast fastening
    SKU: ROV61008

    €3.00 Tax included
  10. Double metal flange Ø50mm 60x150mm
    SKU: ROV60001

    €3.16 Tax included
  11. Screwable Angle Bracket for Ø 35-45mm Mast
    SKU: TEL2409

    €3.29 Tax included
  12. 250mm Recessed Wall "U" Mast Bracket
    SKU: TEL2410

    €3.52 Tax included

Items 1-12 of 29

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