Screwable Angle Bracket for Ø 35-45mm Mast

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Televes 2409 Screwable Mast Angle Bracket

Support for attaching an antenna mast to a wall, with a angle shape and screw fixing. Two equal supports are required to install the mast and secure it from two points.

It is made of steel with zinc coating + RPR to give it great resistance against corrosion. This bracket has a 128mm spacing from the wall. Includes a "U" shaped screw and its 2 nuts, compatible with 35-45mm diameter masts.

Angle Bracket for Ø 35...45mm Mast with Screwable Wall Mount

What are the main features of the Mast Angle Bracket Televes 2409?

  • Zinc coating + RCP: Outstanding resistance to corrosion
  • Compatible with 35 mm-to-45 mm mast diameter range (Ø 35...45 mm)
  • Includes U-bolt and nuts
  • Angle shaped wall bracket
  • Screw mounting
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EAN 8424450024096
System Support
Support Type Mast Support
Pair required Yes
Enviroment Wall
Mounting Screwed
Product Brand Televes
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