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Multicentral power amplifier. Ref. AM1100 from Engel

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Engel Axil
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Engel Axil

Multicentral power amplifier. Ref. AM1100 from Engel.

V/UHF amplifier with 4 outputs with 4 independent power transmitters. Ideal for re-amplification of headends with single channels that want to be adapted to DTT.

It also allows the re-amplification of headends with broadband amplifiers, DigiCompact, etc... It replaces the existing passive distributor behind the headend.

In many cases, it avoids the replacement of old cables, sockets, and shunts with a lot of attenuation. It includes level adjustment and allows equalization through the single channels connected to its input.

Engel Axil
24/48 Hours

Technical Specifications of the Engel Ref. AM1100 Power Reamplifier Multicentral.

- Maximum Gain: 12 dB (VHF / UHF)
- Set Gain 0-20 dB
- Output level max: 4x122dBuV (DIN45004B )
- signal test: -30 dB
- Power supply 230Vac

Engel Axil
24/48 Hours
More Information
EAN 8413173199525
System DTT
SERIE DigiCompact
Color Silver
Entorno Interior
Input signal UHF, VHF
LTE compatible No
Current bypass Terrestrial
Product Brand Engel Axil
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