DTT, Satellite and IPTV Receivers


In this section of receivers you will find all the models our web. We can differentiate receivers such as DTT, satellite and other receivers such as: IPTV, Qam and combos.

We highlight our section of international receivers to watch international channels and platforms in different languages, as well as PCMCIA cards.

The solution for English Channels like BBC, is an IPTV receiver. If you want to distribute English TV in buildings such as hotels, hospitals, residences or communities where all the neighbors want to watch them, the best option is to install an IPTV headend such as DAVINCI from Tecatel.
Many of your problems will be solved!


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International Receivers

These receivers are ideal for those interested in watching content from other countries or in other languages. Our international receivers section includes models that allow viewing international channels and platforms, as well as PCMCIA cards to access encrypted content.

We have receivers for Spanish, French, Italian, English, German, Belgian, Dutch and Indian channels.

DTT receivers

DTT receivers are devices that allow you to receive digital terrestrial television signals. After the SD blackout on DTT in Spain, television channels are only broadcast in HD and UHD, so some TVs may have become outdated. To solve this and receive HD channels you can buy an HD DTT receiver. These receivers have evolved over time and we can currently find models with recording functions, internet connectivity and a multimedia player.

Since 2009, in Spain we have DTT Satelite System with Hispasat 30º West. 

Satellite Receivers

Satellite receivers, on the other hand, allow you to receive satellite television signals. They are ideal for those places where the terrestrial signal is weak or non-existent. Like DTT receivers, satellite models can also have a recording function and internet connectivity.

We have a wide range of  HD and 4k Satellite Receivers  that allow you to watch channels with the best quality, Linux or Enigma Receivers that allow you to expand the functionalities of the receiver and Android Receivers that transform your classic Television into a SMART TV. We also have PCMCIAS cards and adapters.

Other Receivers

IPTV Receivers

IP receivers with multimedia and Android systems are highly demanded by our clients, as they give you access to several applications and online content platforms. These receivers allow internet connection via Wi-Fi or Ethernet cable. They usually incorporate DVB-T2 to be able to watch UHD or 4K channels.

QAM receivers

Qam receivers allow you to receive digital cable television signals (DVB-C). They are a very popular option in countries such as the United States and Canada, where cable is the main medium for the distribution of television signals.

Combo Receivers

Combos are receivers that allow the reception of several signals at the same time. For example, a combo receiver can receive DTT and satellite signals at the same time.

Remote Controls

From television to air conditioning, remote controls allow us to adjust and control different parameters without having to physically get close to the devices. They are a clear example of how technology improves our quality of life on a daily basis.

Remote controls have become increasingly sophisticated and come with different technologies, such as Wi-Fi or Universal Lock.


Transmitters are complementary to remote controls and are known as range extenders. They take the signals from the controller and transmit them wirelessly via a radio frequency signal to the receiver on the device we want to control.

Range extenders are a simple and economical solution to extend remote control coverage. In this way, they allow you to control the television or any other device from another room or even from a place out of the device's visual range.

Video Modulator

The function of the modulator is to transmit to all the televisions in an installation an extra channel generated by the modulator. It allows you to watch the same channel on all televisions at the same time.

Television Stands

Television stands are essential accessories for any modern home. They are used to secure the TV flat screens to the wall or ceiling, improving the viewing experience and saving space. Choosing between an adjustable or fixed TV stand depends on your needs, preferences, and the layout of your living room. Adjustable TV stands allow you to swivel, tilt and move your TV at different angles to achieve the best view and necessary comfort. Fixed mounts are those that keep the television in a fixed position without the possibility of adjustment.

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