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HDMI Digital Modulators

The function of the modulator is to transmit to all the televisions in an installation an extra channel generated by the modulator, which is fed by an external video source.

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For example, with a satellite receiver, we can modulate and introduce a satellite channel on all televisions that are connected to the system. This allows the same channel to be seen on all televisions at the same time.

Where can I use a digital modulator?

A more specific application of the modulator in the home environment would be to watch the channels of a satellite receiver throughout the house. As it is cumbersome to move the receiver around each time you want to watch television in a different room, what you do is modulate it.

Modulation requires connecting the receiver to the modulator and the modulator connecting it to the coaxial cable installation of the house. This makes the receiver signal pass to all televisions in the house, viewing the channel throughout the home. You can change rooms and the satellite channel will be available on each television.

A more professional application of the digital modulator would be for hotels, bars, clubs, etc.

In a bar, the modulator is used to see the same football match on all screens at the same time.

For hotels, the modulator allows them to offer their clients in all rooms a corporate channel of the hotel where they offer advertising of the hotel itself, all the available offer, places of interest to visit, etc. A video created by the hotel itself for its clients to see.

These are the most common applications of digital modulators.

Characteristics of digital modulators

Basically we can find two types of digital modulators. Standard digital modulators and HD digital modulators:

  • Standard digital modulators: They are modulators that have video and audio input with RCA connection (composite video), the modulated signal usually has a maximum resolution of 720 lines.
  • HD modulators: They are modulators that have HDMI input and the modulated signal has a maximum of 1080 lines.

Moduladores digitales

It is important that when choosing a modulator, the capacity of all televisions in the installation to receive 720p or 1080p is taken into account, because if a 1080p modulator is used with televisions that only support 720p, these televisions will not be capable of reproducing the 1080p signal generated by the modulator.

Another characteristic of digital modulators is that some offer USB input that allow you to play videos. This is used to create a digital wallet. The video source would be a pendrive where we have previously memorized a video that we want to be modulated and seen cyclically on all televisions. Interesting to create advertising in hotels, bars, clubs.


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  1. FTE Modig Air Bluetooth COFDM A/V Modulator
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  7. Arestia DS Nemesis IPTV platform to create, manage and distribute multimedia content
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