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Freeview mast amplifier with mixed FI

In this section you can find UHF amplifiers with input masts used for DTT, and IF input used for the satellite dish. These amplifiers only amplify the signal of the TDT, parabolic signal simply make a mixture to remove by the cable but do not perform signal amplification satellite.

Note that these amplifiers need to run source 5796.

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  1. Mast amplifier 3 inputs BIII / UHF / FI

    €18.43 Tax included
  2. UHF 30dB mast amplifier with automatic gain

    €19.65 Tax included
  3. 3-input 30dB mast amplifier with FI mix

    €21.38 Tax included
  4. 35dB mast amplifier with Ikusi FI 1307 mix

    €23.49 Tax included
  5. Mast Amplifier 2 inputs (UHF-SATmix) LTE 5G

    €26.39 Tax included
  6. BIII/UHF-FMmix-FImix LTE 5G Mast Amplifier

    €30.42 Tax included

10 Items

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FI Mast amplifier