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Mast Amplifier with Satellite Mix

In this section you will find all those mast amplifiers that mix with satellite. They only amplify the UHF/VHF terrestrial signal and mix it with the satellite signal to send both frequencies through the same coaxial cable to the household outlets.

These amplifiers are used in individual satellite installations, when we want to receive the satellite signal in all the outlets in the house and thus be able to have several receivers to watch satellite TV in different rooms.

It is important to note that we mix the satellite signal, we can only have one polarity, since the LNB is not powered by the receiver but by the amplifier's own 12Vdc power supply, so we cannot change the polarity to our liking . In most cases, this is not a problem; since, for example, both the Movistar+ channels and the Spanish DTT by satellite are grouped in a single polarity.


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  1. Mast Amplifier TDT 40dB LTE 5G 12-24V Tecatel

    €16.24 Tax included
  2. Mast Amplifier 3 Inputs UHF/BIII/SAT LTE 5G Triax
    SKU: TRIMFC109

    €18.43 Tax included
  3. Mast amplifier 3 inputs BIII / UHF / FI
    SKU: TRIMFC108

    €18.43 Tax included
  4. 3-input 30dB mast amplifier with FI mix
    SKU: FAG36645

    €22.78 Tax included
  5. 35dB mast amplifier with Ikusi FI 1307 mix
    SKU: IKU1307

    €23.49 Tax included
  6. 3e/1s Mast Amplifier (UHF-VHFmix-FImix) with 5G LTE filter
    SKU: TEL561621

    €23.66 Tax included
  7. Mast Amplifier 1in/1out UHF 30dB LTE 5G

    €24.50 Tax included
  8. Mast Amplifier 2 inputs (UHF-SATmix) LTE 5G
    SKU: IKU1308

    €24.78 Tax included
  9. Mast Amplifier 2 Inputs UHF/VHFmix-FImix and 4 Outputs LTE
    SKU: TEL5354

    €24.95 Tax included
  10. Mast Amplifier 28dB UHF-UHF-FImix LTE 5G
    SKU: TEL561421

    €28.85 Tax included
  11. Televes BIII/UHF-FMmix-FImix LTE 4G Mast Amplifier
    SKU: TEL561501

    €30.12 Tax included
  12. BIII/UHF-FMmix-FImix LTE 5G Mast Amplifier
    SKU: TEL561521

    €31.93 Tax included

Items 1-12 of 13

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SAT Mast Amplifiers