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Distributors and Splitters

In this section you will find a great kind of Signal Distributors and Splitters. To choose your distributor it is necessary to know how much cables have you in outputs.

The outputs that you no need is necessary to put a cap (75Ω). If you need connecting 4 cables to make service to 4 televisions is necessary to install one splitter with 4 outputs minimun.

There are Splitters with F connectors, which each cables is necessary to conecting such as jaw clamps, and a lot of different distributors.

There are distributors with F-type connectors, for which you need to put a type F connector to each wire for each connection, and other distributors that flange connection type is also called EasyF. This connection does not need any type of connector, the stripped cable enters the manifold and is screwed with a Phillips screwdriver.

We also have end caps to the distributor mounted "seen" inside the house. And tight for the dealer that is mounted on the outside is protected from the weather boxes.

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  1. Televes Mini series trim cover
    SKU: TEL545510

    €0.88 Tax included
  2. White trim cover for distributors and shunts in Televes flange
    SKU: TEL545501

    €0.88 Tax included
  3. Splitter 4 Outputs Front SM4S

    €2.90 Tax included
  4. DTT-SAT F 2-Way Splitter 5dB DC pass Engel
    SKU: ENGMP7620

    €3.07 Tax included
  5. DTT-SAT F 3-Way Splitter 7dB DC pass Engel
    SKU: ENGMP7623

    €3.44 Tax included
  6. Splitter DTT-SAT F 2D 4dB Tecatel

    €3.46 Tax included
  7. 4-output splitter with 5-2300 MHz F-connector

    €3.53 Tax included
  8. Splitter DTT-SAT F 3D 7dB Tecatel

    €3.80 Tax included
  9. Televes Black Mini Size Outdoor Chest
    SKU: TEL417801

    €4.02 Tax included
  10. Splitter DTT-SAT F 3D 8dB 5-2300 MHz

    €4.05 Tax included
  11. Splitter DTT-SAT F 2D 5dB 5-2300 MHz

    €4.25 Tax included
  12. Televes DTT and SAT 2 Outputs Splitter with 4 dB F Connector
    SKU: TEL519502

    €4.63 Tax included
  13. DTT F Splitter 2D 4dB Docsis 3.1
    SKU: TEL453003

    €4.69 Tax included
  14. Small Outdoor Chest for Televes Distribution
    SKU: TEL4177

    €4.74 Tax included
  15. Splitter DTT-SAT F 4D 7dB Tecatel

    €4.86 Tax included
  16. DTT-SAT F 4-Way Splitter 9dB DC pass Engel
    SKU: ENGMP7621

    €4.96 Tax included
  17. Large Outdoor Chest for Televes Distribution
    SKU: TEL4163

    €5.32 Tax included
  18. DTT Splitter F 3D 6dB Docsis 3.1
    SKU: TEL453203

    €5.41 Tax included
  19. Tecatel TIP series 3-output distributor

    €5.77 Tax included
  20. Splitter 3 Outputs Connector F 8/7dB of Televes
    SKU: TEL519503

    €5.94 Tax included
  21. Splitter DTT-SAT F 6D 12dB Tecatel

    €6.00 Tax included
  22. Splitter DTT-SAT F 8D 14dB Tecatel

    €6.24 Tax included
  23. Splitter DTT-SAT F 2D 6dB Frontal

    €6.27 Tax included
  24. Splitter DTT-SAT F 6D 13dB 5-2300Mhz

    €6.27 Tax included
  25. Splitter DTT-SAT F 4D 9dB Televes
    SKU: TEL5152

    €6.32 Tax included
  26. DTT CEI 2D Splitter (2 Males - 1 Female) Televes
    SKU: TEL4322

    €6.63 Tax included
  27. DTT F 4D Splitter 8dB Docsis 3.1
    SKU: TEL453103

    €6.76 Tax included
  28. Mini-splitter DTT-SAT EasyF 2D 4dB Televes
    SKU: TEL543503

    €6.85 Tax included
  29. DTT-SAT F 6-Way Splitter 11.5dB DC pass Engel
    SKU: ENGMP7626

    €7.25 Tax included
  30. Splitter 4 Outputs Connector F 9/8dB of Televes
    SKU: TEL519504

    €7.53 Tax included
  31. Splitter DTT-SAT F 5D 11dB Televes
    SKU: TEL5153

    €7.72 Tax included
  32. DTT-SAT F 8 Way Splitter 14dB DC Pass Engel
    SKU: ENGMP7622

    €7.76 Tax included
  33. Tecatel TIP series 4-output distributor

    €8.65 Tax included
  34. DTT CEI 2D Splitter (1 Male - 2 Females) Televes
    SKU: TEL4320

    €9.24 Tax included
  35. Mini-splitter DTT-SAT EasyF 3D 7dB Televes
    SKU: TEL543603

    €9.69 Tax included
  36. Distributor 2 outputs Flange type with DC Tecatel

    €5.59 Tax included

Items 1-36 of 45

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