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Tower Superior Section 180 SE RPR c / aro 2.5 m.

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Tower Superior Section 180 SE RPR c / ring 2.5m. Ref: 3015 of Televes.
Features: economic galvanized Series turrets protected with an extra layer of RPR that increases its resistance to corrosion.

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  • Thanks to the 180SE series, we can meet the most basic needs.
  • It consists of sections and bases.
  • The maximum height that can be achieved with this model is 26.5 meters high, it will always depend on the environment.
  • We are facing a niuevo design.
  • Automated manufacturing.
  • Made of Steel Naval AISI316.
  • Many durability for the material of which they are composed.
  • Higher mechanical strength.
  • Easy to handle and assemble.
  • It helps preserve intact the threads during handling of the sections, they are provided with nuts placed in the same.

We know that:

  • In the installation of turrets we have to make a preliminary calculation by professionals and under his responsibility.
  • Therefore accurate installation project to know their correct location.
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More Information
EAN 8424450030158
Type Turret
Section Upper
Max. system height 5 m
Side size 180 mm
Length 2.5 m
Color Silver
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