180 SE Tower Upper Section 1.25m Zinc + RCP Televes

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Upper section of 1.25m Televes 3014 for Turret 180 SE

Upper section of Televes 180 SE series tower, with zinc plated anti-corrosion + RCP treatment to prolong its duration, finished in Gray.

The coupling of the sections of this tower is mortise with locking by means of lateral screws. The maximum height of the 180 SE tower is 5 meters and this upper span measures 1.25 meters.

The elements of a 180 SE tower are not compatible with 180 towers.


Upper section of 1.25m for Tower 180 SE with Zinc + RCP anticorrosion treatment

What technical specifications does the Televes 3014 Tower Section have?

  • Embedded coupling (locked by a lateral screw)
  • Maximum height of the 180 SE tower: 5m
  • Zinc coating + RCP
  • Grey finish
  • Surface facing the wind: 0,09 m2 x 1,2 coef. = 0,107 m2
More Information
EAN 8424450030141
Tower Section Upper Section
Max. Tower Height 5 m
Tower Width 180 mm
Tower Section Length 1.25 m
System Tower
SERIE Upper section
Color Silver
Product Brand Televes
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