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Tower 180 SE RPR Intermediate Section 2.5m

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Intermediate Section 2.5m Televes 3017 de Torre 180 SE

2.5 meter intermediate section for the formation of a Televes 180 SE series tower, with Zinc + RPR treatment for great resistance to corrosion.

This 180 SE tower has a maximum height of 5 meters and its couplings are made with locking by means of a lateral screw.

The elements of a 180 SE tower are not compatible with 180 towers.

24/48 Hours

2.5 meter intermediate section for Televes 180 SE series tower.

What are the main characteristics of the intermediate section Televes 3017?

  • Mortise coupling (locking by side screw)
  • Maximum height of the Tower 180 SE: 5m
  • Zinc coating + RPR
  • Gray finish
  • Surface facing the wind: 0.20 m2 x 1.2 coef. = 0.244 m2
More Information
EAN 8424450030172
Type Turret
Section Middle
Max. system height 5 m
Side size 180 mm
Length 2.5 m
Color Silver
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