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DAB T12 Single-Channel Amplifier

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T12 Series Single Channel Amplifier for DAB Televes 509912

Single-channel amplifier for amplification of the digital radio frequency DAB (195-232MHz). It offers a gain of 45dB, adjustable ± 35dB, with a high output level of 114dBμV. This amplifier is used together with the rest of the single channel amplifiers that form a head.

With the T12 series single-channel amplifiers, Televés has achieved a product that provides unbeatable performance in signal processing, with simple and precise frequency adjustments. It can be installed on a DIN rail, in a box or in a Rack cabinet. It includes the necessary elements for its start-up: power taps, bridges, etc.

For installation, the T12 Power Supply is required, as well as a DIN rail or T12 Header Chest.

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T12 Series Single Channel Amplifier for DAB digital radio with 45dB gain and 114dBμV output

T12 series features:

  • Full compatibility with the previous T03 model and its power supply
  • Highly reliable, thanks to its fully automated manufacturing
  • Significant enhancement of the shielding design, with a Zamak chassis
  • Power supply of up to 24 modules, thanks to a power supply the size of one module
  • Remote powering of pre-amplifiers or BOSS system by means of a switch

What technical specifications does the DAB Televes 509912 single channel amplifier have?

Frequency margin MHz 195...232
Bandwidth MHz CCIR 37
Gain dB 45
Gain regulation 35
AGC dynamic margin -
Equalizer -
Max.output level dBμV A EN 50083-5 -
D EN 50083-5 114
dBmV A EN 50083-5 -
D EN 50083-5 54
Max. current input mA 100
Power supply Vdc 24
Current consumption mA 95
Flatness dB <3
Rejection CCIR dB Rn±1 -
Rn±2 >20
Rn±3 -
NTSC Rn±1 -
Rn±2 -
Rn±3 -
Protection Level IP 20

24/48 Hours
More Information
EAN 8424450156261
Color Black
Type Single channel amplifier
Entorno Interior
# Inputs 2
Outputs 2
Gain 45
Max. output level Ganancia (dB/uV) 114
LTE compatible No
Product Brand Televes
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