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Astra-Hotbird 6º monoblock single LNB



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LNB Monoblock Single LMP-04H 6.

The LMP-04H converter is an excellent low cost LNB converter monoblock 6º by Opticum for signals very power difference excellent performance includes, as with Astra 2D (28°), HotBird, Hispasat or Sirius.

This monoblock -LNB was designed for dual reception via satellite. It can be used for radio reception of all satellites, at a distance of 6° in an 80 cm dish, and its distribution to a single tuner decoder.


Opticum's single-monoblock LNB is capable of picking up two signals from two separate 6th satellites between them.

What technical features does the LNB LMP-04H have?

  • Noise figure: 0.1 dB
  • Polarization: Linear H / V
  • Frequency range 10.7 - 12.75 GHz
  • Supply Diameter: 40 mm

What advantages does a LNB Monoblock offer?

A LNB monoblock of 6º like the LNB LMP-04H allows the reception in our decoder of two satellites separated by them by 6º.
What is an LNB?

It comes from English and means Low Noise Block, is a device used for reception of signal from satellites. The main function is to receive the signal from the band KU and convert that signal into a lower frequency so that it can be distributed by the cables.

Additional Information
EAN 5901912282148
Manufacturer Opticum
Color White
LNB type Universal
Output number 1 (Single)
Noise level 0,1
Focus number Monoblock 6º
Gain No

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