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OUTLET: Quattro Black Ultra 0.2dB LNB converter

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OUTLET: Inverto Quattro Black Ultra 0.2dB IDLB-QTL40 ULTROPP LNB Converter

This ANTIV205545 4-output LNB converter is a high-end product, with high performance with the lowest noise figure for satellite reception (2 dB).

Thanks to its innovative front-end architecture and high-quality components, this LNB has even higher gain with lower noise figure and phase noise, which makes it one of the LNBs with the best performance, reliability and quality on the market.

Its reliability is maximum and its superior phase noise performance is compatible with DVB-S2 (HDTV).

What is TDTprofesional OUTLET?

Our Outlet category is made up of the latest products, which are in perfect condition and have been tested by our technical department to guarantee their correct operation. The product packaging may present bumps or the product may not be shipped in its original packaging. The products in our Outlet include a special discount and have the same guarantee as new products.

1 to 7 days

Inverto Quattro Black Ultra 0.2dB IDLB-QTL40 ULTROPP LNB Converter (4 Outputs)

What features does the ANTIV205545 LNB converter have?

  • Phase noise Superior performance DVB-S2 (HDTV) compatible
  • Excellent insulation
  • Extremely high performance cross-policy
  • Very low levels of spurious
  • Superior noise
  • Higher conversion gain
  • Maximum reliability
1 to 7 days
More Information
EAN 5453001045719
Color Black
LNB type Universal
Output number HL HH VL VH (Quattro)
Noise level 0,2
Focus number One focus
Gain >60 db
Product Brand Inverto
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