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Programmable 2-channel UHF AT422 amplifier from Terra

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Programmable 2-channel mono channel AT422 from Terra

Terra's AT422 single-channel amplifier is a highly selective dual amplifier capable of filtering and equalizing levels of antenna signals from the VHF band and the UHF band.

The output channels can be distributed in large MATV systems. In addition, its high error modulation rate (MER), not less than 36 dB, provides excellent reception of digital terrestrial television emissions even in very large systems.

Each of the two independent channels can amplify DVB-T multiplexers. This means that one module can amplify two digital multiplexers.

1 to 7 days
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(Iberian Peninsula)

The AT422 module is adjusted with three buttons located on the front panel.

What technical characteristics does the AT422 amplifier have?

  • Two independent roads (sections)
  • Amplification of two analog TV channels or two DVB-T
  • Automatic equalization of all channel levels at 90 dBuV (analog mode) or 85 dBuV (DVB-T mode)
  • Channel deviation: -1 ... + 1 MHz (step of 0.125 MHz)
  • High modulation error rate (MER):> 36 dB
  • Selectivity +/- 40 dB at 1.25 MHz (analog) or +/- 2 MHz (DVB-T)
  • Output level adjustment: 0 ... - 10 dB
  • Digital interface with buttons located on the front panel
  • Two position screen
  • 12 VDC / 0.1 A power for a preamplifier
  • DIN rail mounting (usually in a 19 "RACK cabinet)
  • Perfect for the transition period in which broadcasters often change the frequency and power of DVB-T multiplexes

What technical specifications does the AT422 amplifier have?

Name at422
Code R82509
Number of channels (sections) 2
Tuning range of channels 174...230 MHz (ch. 5...12, ch. width 7 MHz)
RF input operation mode analog
level/impedance [dBμV/ Ω]  60-85/75
frequency range [MHz] 47-862
loop-through gain [dB] 0 +/-1.5
return loss [dB] > 12
RF output level [dBμV] 90
MER (digital signals) [dB] -
level adjustment [dB] 0...-10 (step 1)
return loss [dB] > 10
Noise figure [dB] 8
Selectivity (analog)  40 dB at +/-1.25 MHz from channel borders
Selectivity (DVB-T) -
Offset [MHz] +/-1 (step 0.125)
Spurious signals level [dBc] < -55 
Gain ripple [dB] +/-1.5
Power for masthead amplifier  12 VDC / 0.1 A max
Supplying voltage [VDC]  12
Current consumption [A] 0.45
Operating temperature [ºC] 0...50
Dimensions [mm] 198x107.5x36
Weight [kg] 0.9
1 to 7 days
Free shipping
(Iberian Peninsula)
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EAN 8430549422018
Type Single channel amplifier
Entorno Interior
# Inputs 2
Outputs 2
LTE compatible No
Product Brand Tecatel
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