LNB for a parabolic antenna

LNB Converters for Satellite Dishes

The LNB is the more important element for the satellite dish because it is the one that really captures the signal and if we have a good LNB, we will have a better quality signal. There are different types of LNBs and explained below:

LNB Single: Only one output for a single receiver. Or to distribuite the signal housing. *

LNB Twin: Two direct outputs for two receivers.

Quad LNB: Four direct outputs for four receivers.

Octo LNB: Eight direct outputs for eight receivers.

LNB Quattro: Four separate outputs polarities for use with multiswitches. (Housing with 8 or more shots, and community facilities)

Noise figure: between 0.1 and 0.7. The lower the better noise figure LNB behaves to receive the signal. (However, it is not a decisive factor, some high value LNB noise figure works much better in certain situations).

A single LNB can distribute the signal for a home as long as we bear in mind that we will be able to use only one receiver at a time or to have a single polarity throughout the house.

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Protective visor for LNBs

€1.75 Tax included

Single LNB converter Telesystem SRTL701

€2.77 Tax included

Inverto LNB Single Pro Converter

Ref.: ANTIV204675
€3.69 Tax included

LNB Single Universal 0.3dB Televes

Ref.: TEL747530
€3.99 Tax included

LNB Single of the HOME PRO series of Inverto

€4.42 Tax included

Single Black Premium LNB converter 0.2 dB inverto IDLB-SINL40 PREMU

Ref.: ANTIV205025
€5.14 Tax included

Skymaster Twin LNB converter 0.3 dB

€8.47 Tax included

6º Single Monoblock LNB Converter

€8.89 Tax included

Inverto Twin Pro LNB Converter

Ref.: ANTIV204680
€9.98 Tax included

Single Black Ultra high-end LNB converter 0.2 dB by Inverto.

Ref.: ANTIV205525
€10.42 Tax included

LNB Twin HOME PRO by Inverto

€10.60 Tax included

Converter Twin LNB Inverto Black Premium 0.2 dB IDLB-TWL40 PREMU

Ref.: ANTIV205040
€13.00 Tax included

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