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Coaxial cable

The coaxial cable is one of the more important element in an installation. This makes the transport of the different signals from the antennas to the receivers. The more tipical or normal coaxial cable for DTT or Satellite is 75 ohms. It is necessary to know two things when we want buy a coaxial cable. The Attenuation and Shielding. The lower signal attenuation has less cable is lost in the coaxial cable. The best most expensive is the cable attenuation. And we have another important parameter, that it is the shield. With the shield we can take better signals because we don´t have interference from outside to the cable. Actually, we can prevent this interferences of the signals 4G, because it must be installer in cables with the shielding Class A or A+.

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  1. Coaxial extension cable 1.5m with IEC male/female connector

    €0.58 Tax included
  2. Triple Shielded Coaxial Cable Cu + O / Al PVC White 1 meter
    SKU: TEL414801A

    €0.68 Tax included
  3. Coaxial extension cable 1.5m with F male/IEC female connector

    €0.77 Tax included
  4. Coaxial extension cable 1.5m with male/male F connector

    €0.77 Tax included
  5. Coaxial extension cable 2.5m with IEC 90º male/female connector

    €0.85 Tax included
  6. Coaxial cable in black color Cu, Cu CLASS A to cut
    SKU: TEL215501A

    €0.96 Tax included
  7. Indoor coaxial cable Cu, CCA with PVC cover to cut 2138 of Televes
    SKU: TEL213802A

    €1.02 Tax included
  8. Coaxial Cable 10mm Black Cavel DG11CUA
    SKU: DG-11CUC

    €2.00 Tax included
  9. Roll 5m Coaxial Cable CCS/Al Indoor PVC White

    €2.42 Tax included
  10. Coaxial Cable Roll CCS/Al Indoor PVC White (25m)
    SKU: DAXED0354

    €3.58 Tax included
  11. Roll 10m Coaxial Cable CCS/Al Indoor PVC White

    €4.86 Tax included
  12. Roll 20m Coaxial Cable Indoor PVC White
    SKU: TEL435501

    €6.90 Tax included
  13. Cable Coaxial RG6 White outer and inner coil 100m.
    SKU: DAXED0320B

    €21.30 Tax included
  14. Coaxial Cable Cu/CCS Indoor PVC White (100m)
    SKU: ENGCA1950R

    €23.45 Tax included
  15. Coaxial cable CCS, Al indoor in 100 meter coil
    SKU: TECPC100B

    €24.79 Tax included
  16. Coaxial Cable TYPE 19VAtC White 75 Ohm ac1900
    SKU: ENGCA1900

    €28.96 Tax included
  17. Coaxial Cable Cu/CCS DIGI-100CCS Indoor PVC White (100m)
    SKU: ENGCA7000R

    €30.86 Tax included
  18. Outdoor Coaxial Cable Black CCS/AL K290 100m FTE
    SKU: FTEK290BB

    €34.67 Tax included
  19. RG6 Coaxial Cable K290 (16.5 dB / dB 28.2 x 100m) 100 meters
    SKU: FTEK290W

    €37.70 Tax included
  20. Coaxial Cable AC + CU CU-White 100m
    SKU: TEL2127B

    €41.78 Tax included
  21. Coaxial Cable Cu/CCS DIGI-100LC Indoor PVC White (100m)
    SKU: ENGCA7100R

    €46.34 Tax included
  22. Coaxial cable copper-aluminum for interior White by Televes
    SKU: TEL2128B

    €47.87 Tax included
  23. Coaxial Cable Cu/CCA Euroclass Eca Indoor/Outdoor LSZH White (100m)
    SKU: TECGC100B

    €56.99 Tax included
  24. Interior White Coaxial Cable Cu/Cca Dca Coil 100m 214210 from Televes
    SKU: TEL214210B

    €60.51 Tax included
  25. Coaxial Cable Cu / CCA Indoor PVC White (100m)

    €62.04 Tax included
  26. MK 400 PE Coaxial Cable, 100m Coil, Black

    €63.53 Tax included
  27. Coaxial cable T100 CU / AL PE exterior in black color in 100m coil
    SKU: TEL212501B

    €63.80 Tax included
  28. Coaxial Cable Cu / Al PVC White (100m)
    SKU: TEL413601B

    €65.33 Tax included
  29. Coaxial Cable Cu/CCA Eca Indoor PVC Black (100m)
    SKU: TEL2139B

    €66.09 Tax included
  30. Coaxial Cable Cu/CCA Euroclass Dca Indoor (100m)
    SKU: TEL213810B

    €66.72 Tax included
  31. Coaxial Cable MK 400 LSZH CPR Coil 100m White

    €66.79 Tax included
  32. Triple Shielded Coaxial Cable Cu + O / Al PVC White 1 meter
    SKU: TEL414801B

    €67.51 Tax included
  33. Cu/CCA Coaxial Cable Euroclass Dca Indoor (100m)
    SKU: TEL213910B

    €68.35 Tax included
  34. Coaxial cable T100 CU / AL PVC for interior in white color and 100m coil
    SKU: TEL2126B

    €69.88 Tax included
  35. Coaxial Cable Cu/Cu DIGI-100 Indoor PVC White (100m)
    SKU: ENGCA7400R

    €89.78 Tax included

Items 1-36 of 59

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