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Connectors and connections for signal distribution

In this section we have the connectors and the connections that are necessary to adapt the union of elements and in this way to make the connection between all the passive and active elements that are in the telecommunications installation. We have different types of connectors such as: F connector, CEI connectors (also known as IEC connectors or in colloquial jargon, male connectors or female connectors), BNC connectors, comprehension connectors, and a multitude of adapters between connections. In addition to the tools needed to work with these and loads 75Ω that adapts the impedance of the cable.

  • Connectors F: It is the telecommunications connector par excellence. It is a connector that is threaded on the sheath of the coaxial cable and has on its other side a hexagonal thread to use a fixed wrench, but almost always the fingers themselves are used to connect it, turning the thread on the female connection.
  • CEI Connectors: CEI or ICE connectors are known as male connectors or female connectors. They are the most common floor-to-ceiling connectors. It is the typical connector that carries our television from behind and the TV wall base.
  • BNC connectors: These are most commonly used connectors by professionals since they are connected in measurement equipment or in CCTV recorders that are usually installed by professionals. It is a connector that is inserted and then made half-turn to leave it tight. It is a secure connection that is not easy to be released by itself.
  • Compression Connectors: It is not a type of connector as such, but is a version of all of the above. They are connectors that instead of being threaded on the sheath or screwed onto the cable, a crimp tool is needed to trap the connector with the cable. Once the compression has been made it is impossible to reuse it for a new connection. It is fixed forever and if you need to do it again you have to cut the cable and start over. Same as RJ45 for Ethernet. They can not be released.
  • The 75 Ohm loads are used for those connections of the distribution network elements of the television network that are left unconnected. It is an element that is not normally addressed but is of paramount importance because these loads prevent noise and interference from entering our television system and causing poor signal quality. They are impedance adapters.
  • Adapters: Adapters can be found in all subcategories of this section. They are hybrids between connections and others. To switch from one connection to another or from male to female.
  • Tools: Finally we have a section of tools for connections.

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  1. Anti-theft load 75 Ohm LT-R75ST
    SKU: COM45LTR75

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  2. "F" Male Threaded Connector RG59 5mm (CXT-50)
    SKU: TEL934650

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  3. White female right angle connector IEC

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  4. IEC connector angled male white

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  5. 6.6mm F connector for RG6 coaxial cable

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  6. Outdoor Connector "F" Cap Televes
    SKU: TEL418001

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  7. BNC male connector for 5mm coaxial cable threading

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  8. CEI male threaded connector for RG6 coaxial cable

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  9. BNC connector for screwing

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  10. BNC connector for RG59 Crimp

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  11. 5mm Male F Connector for RG59

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  12. Fast F connector for RG6 cable

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Items 1-12 of 85

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Coaxial Connectors