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Roseta PAU FO network termination with 1 SC / APC Bitel adapter

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FO rosette with 1 SC / APC adapter

The Bitel optical fiber rosette has a pre-connected SC / APC adapter and is a device enabled as a connection point to a fiber optic network. In ICT environments, and located in the Network Termination Record (RTR), it acts as a cut-off and test point for the optical network.

Thanks to its structure, it is possible to house the fiber optic cable inside. Fixing can be done with screws (for installation on the wall or in the socket box).

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The Bitel FO Rosette is a rosette with 1 SC / APC fiber optic adapter.

What technical characteristics does the Bitel rosette have?

  • The fiber can access the interior by 5 zones (its 4 corners and the bottom).
  • Suitable dimensions to facilitate the installation of the optical fiber and avoid small radii of curvature that damage the transmission (losses).
  • The guiding of the multi-fiber cable is carried out at the rear, through several fixing points. A clema, located in the inner part, provides a greater anchorage. Likewise, flanges are included in case it requires a higher level of security.
  • Its front face allows easy identification of the fibers by color code and housing.

What is a fiber optic rosette used for?

An Optical Fiber Rosette, as the Bitel Rosette is a Network Termination record designed for FTTH applications, the OPTIPOINT rosette is used in the subscriber's home as a network termination connection point.

Manages and protects end-of-line fiber.

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