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Line Amplifier for Satellite Signal

We call SAT line amplifier to all equipment that only amplifies satellite signal, some of these also mix with terrestrial. In this section you will also find reamplifiers with satellite inputs, as well as terrestrial.

We can classify satellite line amplifiers into 3 groups:

Individual installation:

They are small devices with 1 input and 1 output that are fed by the current sent by the satellite receiver. They are the cheapest and easiest option to amplify the satellite signal in a single-family home or in the interior network of an apartment.

Collective installation:

For community installations that want to install a satellite dish but their current headend amplifier does not have a satellite input, there are these satellite amplifiers. They are high-gain equipment that amplifies the satellite signal and mixes it with terrestrial in order to distribute both signals through the same coaxial cable to all users.

Reamplification with satellite:

We also call line amplifiers or reamplifiers to those amplifiers that are installed in the main downspout of the building and whose function is to reamplify the signal when, due to long distances, it does not reach the houses furthest from the head-end with enough power. In this section you will also find these reamplifiers, with terrestrial and satellite input.

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  1. Satellite Line Amplifier 20dB (47-2400 MHz) with DC Tecatel

    €4.28 Tax included
  2. Satellite IF Line Amplifier 24dB
    SKU: FTEBNV2000

    €6.95 Tax included
  3. UHF Line Amplifier 13dB "F" LTE 5G Televes
    SKU: TEL400620

    €26.92 Tax included
  4. FI Line Amplifier - Satellite 20dB Televes
    SKU: TEL7485

    €33.84 Tax included
  5. Central FI amplifier D + 532401 Televes
    SKU: TEL532401

    €59.21 Tax included
  6. 34dB gain satellite housing amplifier with DTT mix
    SKU: IKU3461

    €62.98 Tax included
  7. Satellite Central Amplifier 40dB Tecatel 13/18V

    €96.86 Tax included
  8. FI amplifier with self-feeding and mixing with UHF signal
    SKU: FAG35911

    €97.54 Tax included
  9. SAT 48dB Minikom Central Amplifier with UHF/VHF Mix
    SKU: TEL5363

    €108.36 Tax included
  10. Moon Waf 210 Amplifier 1 Input/1 Simple Output RTV/FI
    SKU: FAG35150

    €111.55 Tax included
  11. Broadband amplifier 1FI + MATV model RS-600 Plus
    SKU: ROV85075

    €114.35 Tax included
  12. Moon Waf 311 1 Input/1 Single Output RTV/FI Amplifier
    SKU: FAG35152

    €118.71 Tax included
  13. Moon Waf 422 Line Amplifier 2 Input/2 Double Output RF/FI
    SKU: FAG35154

    €150.27 Tax included
  14. MATV + FI amplifier with 1 input and 1 output with return channel
    SKU: TEL531710

    €165.41 Tax included
  15. Broadband Amplifier for TV / SAT1 / SAT2 +35dB RS-601 Plus
    SKU: ROV85077

    €169.70 Tax included
  16. Header Amplifier 4FI+ terrestrial 22dB Slope Adjustment
    SKU: TESA51

    €182.26 Tax included
  17. Central Booster Minikon 2 FI + MATV.
    SKU: TEL5317

    €187.13 Tax included
  18. Double extension amplifier + satellite SAE-920 from Ikusi
    SKU: IKU3507

    €203.28 Tax included
  19. Central Line Amplifier 2 FI + 1 MATV DTKom Televes
    SKU: TEL5337

    €355.98 Tax included
  20. Distribution Amplifier 1 Input/3 Outputs WBA 433
    SKU: FAG35932

    €447.94 Tax included
  21. Outlet: SAT 48dB Minikom Central Amplifier with UHF/VHF Mix
    SKU: TEL5363OUT

    €227.00 Tax included

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SAT Line Amplifier