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Line Amplifier for Satellite Signal

The Line Amplifiers are very user in an individual facilites where the satellite dish connects directly to a satellite receiver. These amplifier amplify about 20dB which increases the signal strength. It is not need external power, just have an input connection of the coaxial cable coming from the satellite and output to the receiver. It is the receiver that sends the voltage across the amplifier to the LNB, which causes amplifier amplification perform.

You will also find in this section line amplifiers Multiswicth Systems, which are for community facilities with large numbers of users. The Multiswitch sold separately and find the relevant section.

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  1. RF Amplifier - FI - Satellite 20dB 47-2400 Mhz

    €3.81 Tax included
  2. Amplifier FI - Satellite 24 dB
    SKU: FTEBNV2000

    €6.91 Tax included
  3. FI Line Amplifier - Satellite 20dB Televes
    SKU: TEL7485

    €27.65 Tax included
  4. 34dB gain satellite housing amplifier with DTT mix
    SKU: IKU3461

    €56.27 Tax included
  5. FI amplifier with self-feeding and mixing with UHF signal
    SKU: FAG35911

    €81.68 Tax included
  6. Satellite Central Amplifier 40dB Tecatel 13/18V

    €92.93 Tax included
  7. Central FI amplifier Minikom 2150 MHz.
    SKU: TEL5363

    €98.40 Tax included
  8. MATV + FI amplifier with 1 input and 1 output with return channel
    SKU: TEL531710

    €150.20 Tax included
  9. Central Booster Minikon 2 FI + MATV.
    SKU: TEL5317

    €169.93 Tax included
  10. Double extension amplifier + satellite SAE-920 from Ikusi
    SKU: IKU3507

    €182.95 Tax included
  11. Line amplifier with 1 input and 1 output
    SKU: FAG35930

    €201.57 Tax included
  12. Line Amplifier TLA 347 LTE700 2in/2out SAT+TERR 40dB 5G
    SKU: TRITLA347

    €202.51 Tax included

Items 1-12 of 13

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FI Line Amplifier