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Filters for interference 4G LTE and filters for cuts in the frequency band

In this section you will have the principal filters to have a better signal. This kind of filters cut the frequency band UHF in the superior part, when it arrives at 60 channel, or 58 channel, it will depend of the channel where you receive the signal in you country. The signal 4G, that it is a new 4G mobile phone signals have begun to issue following the change of channels of the digital dividend (LTE), frequency emitted from the channel 60, hence interference between bands occur. If you tend questions, contact us.

We also have filters trap, or so-called band filters or channel, that what they do is remove a channel or more specific channels in the frequency band. Useful when we have two terrestrial antennas and a channel interfere with each other.

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  1. Filter LTE for inside, connector CEI with cut on channel 60

    €4.13 Tax included
  2. LTE indoor cut filter on channel 60 ED1602 of Daxis
    SKU: DAXED1602

    €4.34 Tax included
  3. Indoor 5G LTE Filter 50dB DC Pass F Female - F Female Engel
    SKU: ENGMP7670G5

    €5.69 Tax included
  4. LTE 5G Outdoor Filter 690 MHz Tecatel 50dB EX2L

    €7.57 Tax included
  5. LTE filter of 35dB for interior with cut in channel 60 LF002 of Terra
    SKU: TERLF002

    €10.44 Tax included
  6. Indoor 5G filter rejection of 30dB from Johansson
    SKU: JOH6023C48

    €10.66 Tax included
  7. Internal LTE Filter For channel 48 of Triax
    SKU: TRITLP048

    €10.89 Tax included
  8. Indoor 5G filter with cut on channel 48 with Televes DC
    SKU: TEL403201

    €10.91 Tax included
  9. LTE filter 5G for Devices with F connector
    SKU: TEL403220

    €11.13 Tax included
  10. 5G LTE Filter for Devices with CEI connector
    SKU: TEL403210

    €11.13 Tax included
  11. LTE Filter inside, F connector cut on channel 58
    SKU: TEL403101

    €13.54 Tax included
  12. External Filter 470-694 MHz- Pass Current Connectors F
    SKU: IKU1437

    €13.87 Tax included
  13. Outdoor LTE filter for TERRA channel 58
    SKU: TERLF003

    €14.88 Tax included
  14. LTE Filter indoor, F connector cut on channel 59

    €15.14 Tax included
  15. LTE filter connector interior 21-59 F
    SKU: TEL403402

    €16.43 Tax included
  16. Trap filter 1 channel (Connection F).
    SKU: TEL4007

    €17.68 Tax included
  17. 5G outdoor filter with cut in the channel 48 405202 of Televes
    SKU: TEL405202

    €17.91 Tax included
  18. 5G outdoor LTE filter for channel 48 with DC pass
    SKU: TEL405203

    €17.91 Tax included
  19. 40dB outdoor LTE2 filter for 5G
    SKU: JOH6024-C48

    €18.19 Tax included
  20. 35dB outdoor LTE2 filter for 5G and GSM
    SKU: JOH6040-C48

    €19.03 Tax included
  21. LTE Filter inside, F connector cut on channel 60
    SKU: TEL403401

    €19.18 Tax included
  22. 5G Indoor Ultraselective Filter c50+ DC pass Engel
    SKU: ENGMP7673G5

    €20.56 Tax included
  23. 5G 50dB filter for indoor 5-694 MHz
    SKU: TERTE-TF005

    €21.62 Tax included
  24. 5G Outdoor Ultraselective Filter C50+ DC pass Engel
    SKU: ENGMP7672G5

    €23.10 Tax included
  25. Fracarro indoor LTE 5G filter 48 channel

    €25.66 Tax included
  26. 5G 60dB filter for outdoor 5-694 MHz
    SKU: TERTE-TF001

    €29.23 Tax included

26 Items

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5G LTE / LTE2 Filters