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Indoor Splitters PAU

The PAU´s are splitters that have 2 entries (IN). We only use one IN, the other, we must to block with a load 75 Ohms. The other IN gives out to the signal. The PAU are using when we have two cables in the house, normally in all the buildings which is regulate with Common Telecommunications Infrastructure (ICT), because this regulations said that in a house must be 2 cables IN. One cable transmits DTT+Satellite 1 Signal, and in the other DTT+Satellite 2. Normally in all the buildings with ICT regulations have Astra 19º and Hispasat 30º signals.

If you want to take one signal to watch in few televisions, you will need a PAU. Thi is situated in another section Splitters / Distribution.

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  1. UAP Splitter 2 Outputs F 5dB Tecatel

    €1.68 Tax included
  2. UAP + Splitter 2 Ways 5dB Engel
    SKU: ENGMP7552

    €2.48 Tax included
  3. UAP + Splitter 3 Ways 7dB Engel
    SKU: ENGMP7553

    €3.27 Tax included
  4. UAP Splitter 3 Outputs F 7.5dB Tecatel

    €3.48 Tax included
  5. Pau of 2 outputs with loss of 5 to 6 dB
    SKU: ANTPTR202

    €4.07 Tax included
  6. UAP + Splitter 4 Ways 10dB Engel
    SKU: ENGMP7554

    €4.63 Tax included
  7. User Access Point (UAP). Paperboy 2 outputs.
    SKU: IKU3331

    €5.08 Tax included
  8. UAP Splitter 4 Outputs F 10dB Tecatel

    €5.45 Tax included
  9. UAP Splitter F 3D 9dB FTE

    €6.26 Tax included
  10. UAP Splitter 2 Outputs Flange 4.5dB Ikusi
    SKU: IKU2102

    €6.46 Tax included
  11. PAU splitter 2 outputs with connector F Televes
    SKU: TEL515020

    €6.79 Tax included
  12. UAP + Splitter 6 Ways 12dB Engel
    SKU: ENGMP7556

    €7.10 Tax included
  13. UAP Splitter 5 Outputs F 12.5dB Tecatel

    €7.42 Tax included
  14. UAP Splitter 6 Outputs F 14.5dB Tecatel

    €7.42 Tax included
  15. Pau of 7 outputs with loss of 8.2 to 15.9 dB
    SKU: ANTPTR207

    €7.56 Tax included
  16. UAP Splitter 3 F outputs 515120 Televés
    SKU: TEL515120

    €7.65 Tax included
  17. UAP + Splitter 8 Ways 14dB Engel
    SKU: ENGMP7558

    €7.82 Tax included
  18. UAP Splitter 8 Outputs F 16dB Tecatel

    €8.07 Tax included
  19. 5-way tail with loss of 7 to 15 dB
    SKU: ANTPTR205

    €8.28 Tax included
  20. UAP Splitter 3 Outputs Flange 7.5dB Ikusi
    SKU: IKU2103

    €8.60 Tax included
  21. UAP Splitter EasyF 2D 5dB Televes
    SKU: TEL542903

    €8.65 Tax included
  22. UAP Splitter F 4D 10dB Televes
    SKU: TEL5154

    €9.12 Tax included
  23. UAP Splitter 4 Outputs Flange 9.5dB Ikusi
    SKU: IKU2104

    €9.26 Tax included
  24. PAU user access point 6 outputs Fagor OUTLET
    SKU: FA85352

    €9.72 Tax included
  25. UAP Splitter F 5D 12dB Televes
    SKU: TEL5160

    €11.31 Tax included
  26. UAP Splitter 5 Outputs Flange 12dB Ikusi
    SKU: IKU2105

    €12.09 Tax included
  27. UAP Splitter 6 Outputs Flange 13dB Ikusi
    SKU: IKU2106

    €12.60 Tax included
  28. UAP Splitter EasyF 3D 7dB Televes
    SKU: TEL543902

    €12.73 Tax included
  29. UAP Splitter F 7D 15dB Televes
    SKU: TEL5161

    €13.24 Tax included
  30. UAP Splitter 8 Outputs Flange 14.5dB Ikusi
    SKU: IKU2107

    €14.45 Tax included
  31. UAP Splitter EasyF 4D 9dB Televes
    SKU: TEL544902

    €14.52 Tax included
  32. UAP Splitter EasyF 5D 11dB Televes
    SKU: TEL5454

    €16.32 Tax included
  33. UAP Splitter EasyF 6D 13dB Televes
    SKU: TEL5430

    €18.07 Tax included
  34. UAP Splitter EasyF 8D 14dB Televes
    SKU: TEL5433

    €20.46 Tax included

34 Items

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