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Combo Field Meter DVB-T/S/C HD TAB 5 LITE

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TAB 5 LITE DVB-T/S/C Combo Field Meter

Automatically detects and selects signals with SAT-TV & CATV digital modulation. This meter, quick and easy to use, has an exclusive patented system, the ROVER AUTODISCOVERY system, which allows the detection and selection of analogue and digital COFDM / QAM TV signals in both operating systems: measurement and spectrum.

It has an automatic assistant system, for the memorization of channels and the analysis of the signal, personalized channel plans, stop & go function, eco function, MER, BER, PER, LDPC, BCH, noise margin, in addition to a Free SMART PC interface. With this meter you can view the channel signal in real time, just as it would be seen on television.

Very accurate meter, down to 0.1dB. Its 5 "screen is high resolution touchscreen. It incorporates a long-lasting battery (up to 4 hours), weighing only 1.4 Kg with batteries. It also includes a carrying bag.

1 to 7 days
Free shipping
(Iberian Peninsula)

Economical Combo Field Meter for DVB-T/S/C

HD TAB 5 LITE Meter Technical Specifications


  • Exclusive patented ROVER AUTODISCOVERY system: automatically detects and selects
  • analogue and digital COFDM / QAM TV signals in both measurement and spectrum mode;
  • Automatically identifies all signals with digital modulation SAT-TV & CATV;
  • Automatic assistant: signal quality analysis, channel scan memorization;
  • Barscan TV & CATV function from 10 to 100 channels on one screen.
  • Real-time graph of buzzer and noise margin for digital signal micro-interruptions;
  • Reflectometric measurements APP (opt.);
  • SATELLITE: DiSEqC - SCR and dCSS commands, SAT search engine and SAT expert functions;
  • Custom channel plans: 25 (199 channels per plan), programmable TV, SAT (or TV / SAT
  • combined) by PC or local keyboard;
  • Recorders: TV, SAT and combined with stop & go function;
  • SAT Memory Plan: More than 2,000 pre-memorized transponders for world satellite;
  • Free SMART PC interface program and FW updates.


  • Frequency range: TV, CATV and radio: 30-1000 MHz; SAT: 700–2700 MHz;
  • Frequency resolution: TV and CATV 25 KHz; SAT: 5 MHz;
  • Measured power range: TV 35 to 115 dBμV, SAT 5 to 105 dBμV;
  • Digital measurement: digital power, MER (36 to 40 dB max. Depending on modulation), BER,
  • PER, LDPC, BCH, noise margin, MER versus CARRIER;
  • Measurement resolution: 0.1 dB;
  • Level measurement accuracy: 1 dB typ. (2 dB max.);
  • Resolution filter bandwidth: TV and CATV: 100 KHz @ -3 dB; SAT: 5 MHz at -3 dB;
  • Constellation: for TV / CATV and SAT signals;
  • Spectrum: Fast spectrum, maximum retention and storage of the spectrum with real-time
  • comparison function;
  • Net-id on board: Net-id, NID, TSID, LCN, SAT orbit position;
  • Echoes, Pre-echoes, Micro-echoes: Representation in real time;
  • Quality: Digital automatic quality test: PASS-MARGINAL-FAIL;
  • Digital Images: MPEG2-4 SD and HD, Images with Program List, Audio Video PID, LCN, Video
  • Bit Rate, all on one screen.


  • RF input: 75 ohms "F" switchable;
  • USB 2.0: Type B (PC interface);
  • Audio: AAC included, DOLBY (opt.);
  • Video: composite video input.


  • High-resolution, high-brightness 5 ”: 16: 9 TFT touch screen;
  • Power supply: built-in LiPo battery lasting 2-4 hours (depending on the function) and batterytest function;
  • DC voltage at RF input: 5 - 12 - 18 and 24 VDC, DiSEqC - SCR and dCSS commands;
  • PC interface: USB-B;
  • Front panel: alphanumeric keyboard;
  • Power saving: TFT backlight timer, brightness adjustment;
  • PC management: SMART software;
  • Weight: only 1.4 kg with batteries;
  • Dimensions: H 13.0 x W 25.5 x D 4 cm;
  • Housing: Aluminum and Steel and Light Bag. (Elite bag with optional additional luggage).
1 to 7 days
Free shipping
(Iberian Peninsula)
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