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Satellite Dish Offset 60cm White Rover Satélite

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Satélite Rover
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60cm Satellite Dish with PP Mount Satélite Rover 50042

Economic Ø60cm offset satellite antenna with galvanized treatment and a polypropylene (PP) mount that gives it great resistance to nitrate and corrosion, both to the antenna and to the fixing elements. Wind resistance greater than 150 km / h.

This antenna is compatible with any universal LNB and allows receiving the TV signal from any satellite with an EIRP greater than 48dBW, which on the peninsula are: Astra 19º East, Hotbird 13º East and Hispasat 30º West.

This satellite dish does not include the LNB.

24/48 Hours

Offset 60cm White Satellite Antenna with electro-galvanized sheet metal and PP mount.

What technical specifications does the Satélite Rover Satellite Dish 50042 have?

  • Reference: 50042
  • Model: APF600
  • Reflector: 583 x 632 mm
  • Frequencies: 10.5 - 13 GHz
  • Gain at 12.75 GHz: 36.4dB
  • Painting: Polyester
  • Frame: PP
  • Fixation: 25 - 40 mm
  • Elecvation: 18º / 52º

More Information
EAN 8430923500424
Color White
Size 30 cm to 65 cm
Type Offset
Orientation Manual
Material Steel
Mast max. diameter 40 mm
LNB included No
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