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The Multiswitch are signal distribution systems for a lot of many users. This is a signal matrix where each user can receiver the channel. It is possible because the multiswitch need receiver the four polarities in each four separate cables, for this we can use LNBs´s Quattro type.

The principal Multiswitch features are two: Input Numbers, and Output Numbers.

  • The Input numbers mean the entry satellite numbers. A Multiswitch of 5 Inputs can receiver ( four polarities ) more than DTT signal, this mix and distribuite both signals together.
  • The Output numbers are the user numbers that they are going to conectiong to the multiswitch. One of four Outputs is for four satellite receivers, one of eight, it is for eigth receivers..


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  1. Power Supply 12V 0.8A by Televes

    €24.16 Tax included
  2. Splitter Nevoswitch 5x5x5 "F" 25dB

    €40.75 Tax included
  3. Splitters Nevoswitch 5x5x5 "F" 12dB

    €41.58 Tax included
  4. Power Supply Units Nevoswitch 12V 3A

    €43.11 Tax included
  5. Power Supply for MultiSwitch and Optical LNB

    €54.38 Tax included
  6. Multiswitch FI 9 entry x 8 outputs

    €65.34 Tax included
  7. Multiswitch FI 5 inputs x 4 outputs AMPLIABLE

    €69.87 Tax included
  8. Multiswitch FI 5 entry x 12 outputs

    €70.16 Tax included
  9. IF Amplifier 5 inputs x 4 outputs controlled

    €84.20 Tax included

Items 1-12 of 58

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Ending multiswitches