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Transmodulators and Satellite Processors

Satellite transmodulators are equipment whose function is to convert the signal coming from the DVB-S/S2 satellite dish to another type of signal, such as DVB-T/T2, COFDM, QAM, QPSK or IP. The device extracts the information carried by the incoming signal and modulates it with a different technique than the one originally used.

These equipments are used mostly in hotels, hospitals, residences, etc: so as not to have to put a satellite receiver in each room, satellite channels can be tuned in all rooms as if they were digital terrestrial DTT channels. The investment is lower and for guests it is also more convenient to control everything with a single remote control.

As for the satellite processors, they allow creating a customized transponder plan with the signal from one or more satellites. Perfect solution for buildings with residents of different nationalities or for vacation rentals, by allowing the distribution of the most interesting channels of different polarities and satellites.

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  1. Power supply for rail DIN 12V and 4.5A for transmodulator TDX-420
    SKU: TECDR6012

    €56.99 Tax included
  2. FI Triple Processor (controllable).
    SKU: TEL586401

    €341.24 Tax included
  3. FI Johansson processor
    SKU: JOH9780

    €487.61 Tax included
  4. Digital Transmodulador T0X DVBS2 - COFDM
    SKU: TEL563101

    €556.33 Tax included
  5. Digital Transmodulador T0X DVBS2-COFDM C.I. Televes 563 301
    SKU: TEL563301

    €699.79 Tax included
  6. Digital Transmodulador T0X DVBS2 - TWIN QAM Televes 5630
    SKU: TEL563001

    €834.72 Tax included
  7. Transmodulador Digital Satellite DVBS/2 - QAM CI
    SKU: TEL564101

    €997.77 Tax included
  8. Transmodulador Digital Satellite DVBS/2 - COFMD CI
    SKU: TEL564201

    €1,020.13 Tax included
  9. Transmodulador Satélite Digital DVBS/2-QAM CI twin
    SKU: TEL564401

    €1,061.12 Tax included
  10. DVBS / S2 to DVBT2 transmodulator with CI

    €1,088.08 Tax included
  11. Transmodulator 4xDVB-S/S2/T/T2/C to 4xDVB-T/C
    SKU: LEMMLF100

    €1,281.75 Tax included
  12. Transmodulator 4xDVB-S/S2/S2X to 4xDVB-T/C
    SKU: LEMMLF101

    €1,281.75 Tax included
  13. TITANIUM Transmodulator 4xDVB-S to 4xDVB-T/C with 2 CI Slots
    SKU: JOH8700

    €1,363.67 Tax included
  14. Transmodulator 4xDVB-S/S2/S2X to 4xDVB-T/C + IP
    SKU: LEMMLF301

    €1,756.92 Tax included
  15. TITANIUM Compact Headend 8xDVB-S to 4xDVB-T/C with 2 CI Slots
    SKU: JOH8701

    €1,822.24 Tax included
  16. Transmodulator 8xDVB-T/T2/S/S2/C to 4xDVB-T/C + IP

    €2,550.68 Tax included
  17. Transmodulator 4xDVB-T/T2/S/S2/C + CI to 4xDVB-T/C + IP

    €2,550.68 Tax included
  18. Engel Compact Headend 8 x DVB-S/S2/T/T2/C to 4 x DVB-T/C + IP

    €2,563.20 Tax included
  19. TITANIUM Compact Headend 8xDVB-S to 8xDVB-T/C with 4 CI Slots
    SKU: JOH8703

    €2,772.63 Tax included
  20. Transmodulator DVB-S2 to DVB-T with CI from Terra
    SKU: TECTDX410

    €368.34 Tax included
  21. Twin DVB-S / S2 to DVB-T TDX-420 transmodulator from Terra
    SKU: TECTDX420

    €511.83 Tax included
  22. Transmodulator twin DVB-S2 to DVB-T with CI TDX420S from Terra

    €909.32 Tax included
  23. Terra 8 DVB-S2 - 4 DVB-T Transmodulator

    €1,085.37 Tax included

25 Items

per page
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SAT Transmodulators and Processors