Antennas for satellite signals

Satellite dish

This kind of antennas are used to receiver satellite signals. This kind of antenna has the particuliarity of the signal bounces and go though the LNB.

To buy an Satellite Antenna we must know what is the channel that you want watch, and latter we can choose the size of the parabolic and we can know which is the satellite that give us the signal so which we must orientate. While mayor is the parabolic, is better for us, so we can receiver low signals.

It is necessary to say that the parabolic are of 

 Una vez conocido el satélite que envia la señal, debemos elegir el tamaño apropiado de la antena parabólica, ya que no todos los satélites envian la señal con la misma potencia. Cuanto mayor es la antena parabólica, podemos captar señales satelitales más debiles. 

Por útlimo destacar que existen antenas parabólicas de steel, aluminum and fiber. All of those are so quality and resistant to installer outside and no rust.

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60 cm satellite dish model HP Daxis

Ref.: DAXAP0608W
€16.17 Tax included

Offset Dish 60cm steel

Ref.: TECK60C1
€17.42 Tax included

60cm parabolic antenna kit with LNB without Daxis support

€18.49 Tax included

Offset parabolic antenna 60 cm steel in white

Ref.: TEL792012W
€19.53 Tax included

60cm antenna kit with LNB without tecatel support

€19.60 Tax included

Kit parabolic Daxis 60 cm, LNB and Support

€21.84 Tax included

80cm satellite dish model HP daxis

Ref.: DAXAP0645W
€22.39 Tax included

Kit of 60 cm satellite dish with LNB without Televes support

€24.59 Tax included

White 60cm satellite dish with LNB and Televes support

Ref.: TELKIT60
€28.44 Tax included

Televes white steel 80cm parabolic antenna

Ref.: TEL792112W
€29.75 Tax included

Satellite Offset 80 cm steel

Ref.: TECK80W
€29.95 Tax included

65cm Offset satellite dish in white

Ref.: TEL753501
€30.21 Tax included

Items 1 to 12 of 44 total

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