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Tap F connector 4 outputs (29 dB)

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Televes 5145 tap with connector F 4D 29 dB

With this 4-way tap, you can send the television signal to 4 homes on the same floor. The connection of the cable to this tap will be made by means of F connectors. This passive component offers maximum losses of about 28-29dB of tap and between 1-1.5dB of passage.

Due to its technical characteristics it is designed to be installed on the floor 10 or what is the same, on the floor nearest from the head. Also it is apt to settle in other plants.

This derivative of Televes works in the frequency range 5-2400MHz, admitting signals both terrestrial and satellites.

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Televes tap with type F connectors model 5145 with 4 outlets and maximum 29dB of tap loss plus 1.5dB of through loss, designed for installation in floor 10.

What technical characteristics does the 5145 tap have?

  • F connectors
  • Improvement of step losses
  • Good screening
  • Includes grounding screw
  • Bidirectional DC pass between the input-output, and from the derivations to the input / output

What technical specifications of the 5145 tap?

Reference  5145
 Frequency margin  MHz 5 ... 2400
 Type TA
 Tap loss MATV db 28
IF 29
 Through loss MATV 1
IF 1.5
 Decoupling MATV > 20
IF > 20
 Rejection between taps MATV > 20
 DC Pass (max.) IN<->OUT
A 1

What is a tap and what functions does it have?

Taps are passive components that are interposed in a television installation to achieve two effects: to compensate for signal losses, on the one hand, and balance the signals received by each user, on the other, they are installed in the main channel of the building or community .

A shunt is similar to the distributor but is used in buildings or in communities. It has an IN input, several floor outputs that call (TAP) and these outputs have an established signal loss, 10dB, 15dB, 20dB, etc. and an output (OUT) with little loss to give signal to the plant immediately below (and place another derivative in cascade, etc). It is necessary to calculate the loss that each derivative of each plant needs to have depending on the number of plants, intakes, etc.

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More Information
EAN 8424450051450
System DTT & SAT
SERIE F-connector
Color Silver
TV-SAT Distribution Equipment Diverter
Entorno Interior
TV-SAT Distribution Connection F
Insertion Loss (dB) 29
Current bypass No
Product Brand Televes
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