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Signal distribution and accessories

In this section we have all the passive elements that complete the installation and distribution of the signal to the final network the satellite or terrestrial television. Therefore we have filters that adapt DTT and LTE signals, mixers, shielder/dealers, splitters and taps SCATV, PAU´s, sockets and attenuators. All these devices contribute to the distribution of the signal along the installation.

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  1. Trim plate for surface rosette
    SKU: FTEMP76

    €0.77 Tax included
  2. Televes Mini series trim cover
    SKU: TEL545510

    €0.82 Tax included
  3. White trim cover for distributors and shunts in Televes flange
    SKU: TEL545501

    €0.82 Tax included
  4. White trim plate for TV-R
    SKU: TEL5441

    €0.85 Tax included
  5. Faceplate for TV-SAT Outlet
    SKU: TEL5440

    €0.85 Tax included
  6. Trim plate for shots R-TV-SAT
    SKU: TEL544302

    €0.97 Tax included
  7. Surface Box for TV Outlets

    €1.02 Tax included
  8. White Surface Box for TV Outlets
    SKU: TEL5442

    €1.34 Tax included
  9. Cover for two-outlet television outlet TCP-02 from Tecatel
    SKU: TCP-02

    €1.55 Tax included
  10. Trim plate for making FTEAO90S

    €1.62 Tax included

Items 1-12 of 223

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Distribution and Accessories