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Television Shots

The television taps is on the wall in a box 10 x 10 cm. To this footage you put a decorative cover, or you can use a plug for surface mounting.

To choose a power we must be clear two concepts. There are both final and intermedidas (or pass) jacks:

There are caller passing shots are those sockets to which you connect a cable also has another cable outlet for a next shot. This type of connection, one after the other, is called cascading or commonly known as "sewn" shots. The final shots are those where the cable is connected and not leave any cable to any other decision. Is the typical installation where a distributor for several outputs and direct cable for each final shot. This type of installation is known as star facility.

To choose the taps is necessary to know the lost that we have in that signal.

5529,5228,5227,5236, etc...

If we have one tap with a cable, it is necessary to choose the tap 5226. If we have two points of television it is necessary to installer 5229 y 5228. If we have 3 points, it is necessary to installer 5229, 5228 and 5227. And so.. 

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  1. Trim plate for making FTEAO90S

    €0.71 Tax included
  2. Trim plate for surface rosette
    SKU: FTEMP76

    €0.77 Tax included
  3. Faceplate for TV-SAT Outlet
    SKU: TEL5440

    €0.90 Tax included
  4. Trim plate for shots R-TV-SAT
    SKU: TEL544302

    €0.97 Tax included
  5. Surface Box for TV Outlets

    €1.02 Tax included
  6. White trim plate for TV-R
    SKU: TEL5441

    €1.20 Tax included
  7. White Surface Box for TV Outlets
    SKU: TEL5442

    €1.44 Tax included
  8. Cover for two-outlet television outlet TCP-02 from Tecatel
    SKU: TCP-02

    €1.55 Tax included
  9. Toma Final Separadora TV-SAT con Garra de Tecatel
    SKU: TECTF-02

    €3.19 Tax included
  10. Final Socket TV-R/SAT 5-2300MHz Fagor

    €3.32 Tax included
  11. Intermediate Take 18dB 2 Outputs TV-SAT Paso DC
    SKU: TECTI-1802

    €3.91 Tax included
  12. TV/FM-SAT Single Outlet 1dB LTE 5G Ikusi ARTU068
    SKU: IKU2571

    €3.92 Tax included
  13. TV / FM-SAT separator without claw
    SKU: TEL5276

    €3.97 Tax included
  14. Take TV / FM - SAT end of waterfall (6.2 dB)

    €3.98 Tax included
  15. TV/FM-SAT Intermediate Cascade Outlet 10dB DC pass
    SKU: ENGMP6610

    €4.13 Tax included
  16. TV/FM-SAT Single Final Outlet 1dB DC pass
    SKU: ENGMP6648

    €4.13 Tax included
  17. TV / FM terminal- intermediate SAT (14 dB)
    SKU: TECTI-1402

    €4.16 Tax included
  18. Economic Final Take Zeltmann
    SKU: TF-02

    €4.17 Tax included
  19. MATV bridged outputs
    SKU: TEL5270

    €4.26 Tax included
  20. TV/FM-SAT Single Outlet 1dB Ikusi ARTU088
    SKU: IKU2570

    €4.31 Tax included
  21. Intermediate takes 5dB 2 Way TV - SAT
    SKU: TECTI-0502

    €4.39 Tax included
  22. End Outlet 10dB 2 Outputs
    SKU: TECTI-1002

    €4.82 Tax included
  23. TV-FM socket end-FI Ikusi PSE-300
    SKU: IKU5360

    €5.20 Tax included
  24. Take TV / FM - SAT Final (1.5 dB)
    SKU: TEL5226

    €5.29 Tax included
  25. FM-TV 4 dB end outlet Low losses 5-862 MHz Televes 5230
    SKU: TEL5230

    €5.54 Tax included
  26. 862MHz FM-TV anti-LTE step socket
    SKU: TEL523110

    €5.82 Tax included
  27. End Outlet TV-FM (0.5-3dB) Televes
    SKU: TEL5232

    €6.07 Tax included
  28. TV-FM Through Outlet (24-9.5dB) 47-860Mhz Televes
    SKU: TEL5231

    €6.22 Tax included
  29. Base Intermediate Socket TV/SAT-TV-SAT 9dB(862MHz)-10dB(2400Mhz)
    SKU: IKU2579

    €6.49 Tax included
  30. Take TV / FM - SAT Final de cascada (5 dB)
    SKU: TEL5229

    €6.97 Tax included
  31. TV-FM Through Outlet (26-7dB) Televes
    SKU: TEL5233

    €7.02 Tax included
  32. Televes TV/FM-SAT Surface End Outlet
    SKU: TDT0066

    €7.11 Tax included
  33. Take TV / FM - SAT intermediate (14 dB)
    SKU: TEL5227

    €7.45 Tax included
  34. Items 1-36 of 42

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