Professional Field Meters

Purchase professional field meters for installation.

In our online store you can find a wide variety of professional field meters to suit all types of profile installer. Any of these are valid field meters to register as authorized telecommunications installer.

Professional meters: Promax & Televes

All field meters in this category are suitable to register as authorized installer, they are field meters with display, spectral analysis, error rate for digital signals QPSK and COFDM measurement and quality measurement (MER) for DTT (DVB-T).

They can also measure basic parameters, such as power (dBmu) and noise (C/N). All them incorporate spectrum and, depending on the model, it is possible to more or less zoom. These meters already incorporate MPEG-2 (or MPEG-4) card, at least for channel display on the screen. Most of them have display constellation function. The most advanced meters include Echo measurement. They also incorporate USB ports to export the measures to a computer. These features have to be checked if available in the data sheet.

We have the cheapest field meters on the market which are valid to register as authorized telecommunications installer. We offer the entire range of Televes and Promax field meters.

Televes field meter

Medidor de campo Televes

The Televes meters series include the H45 and H60  custom-made field meters, wich makes possible future function extentions addition. A Televes field meter can be expanded to also measure optical fiber, for example. We have a section dedicated to Televes field meter extensions .

Promax field meter

Medidor de campo Promax

Promax, a leading company in instrument innovation, offers the RANGER field meters, new tablet size field meters and the first field meter that can measure HEVC H.265, the latest generation of DVB-T2. Some models are allowed for an extention, although most models come so complete that an update is never necessary. Promax  usually spots a rolling plan for field meters, which offers advantageous discounts if you let your old meter, ask for it.


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  1. EK DVB-T/T2-S/S2-C Dolby DD+ Professional Field Meter
    SKU: EK240003
    On request
    €1,450.00 Tax included
  2. Televes H30FLEX Single-Hand Field Meter
    SKU: TEL593301
    On request
    €1,663.45 Tax included
  3. Televes H30FLEX Single-Hand Field Meter
    SKU: TEL593303
    On request
    €1,663.45 Tax included
  4. ROVER TAB 5 ULTRA DVB-T2/S2/C Field Meter
    On request
    €1,739.74 Tax included
  5. H30FLEX DVB-S/S2/T Field Meter + Case
    SKU: TEL593311
    On request
    €1,770.81 Tax included
  6. H30FLEX DVB-S/S2/C Field Meter + Case
    SKU: TEL593313
    On request
    €1,770.81 Tax included
  7. Televes H30FLEX Single-Hand Field Meter
    SKU: TEL593302
    On request
    €1,882.88 Tax included
  8. Promax RANGER MINI Field Meter
    On request
    €1,934.79 Tax included
  9. H30FLEX DVB-S/S2/T/T2 Field Meter + Case
    SKU: TEL593312
    On request
    €1,990.24 Tax included
  10. H30 evolution DVB-S/S2 + DVB-T field meter
    SKU: TEL593501
    On request
    €2,045.69 Tax included
  11. H30 evolution DVB-S/S2 + DVB-C field meter
    SKU: TEL593503
    On request
    €2,045.69 Tax included
  12. Televes H30FLEX Single-Hand Field Meter
    SKU: TEL593304
    On request
    €2,070.47 Tax included
  13. H30FLEX DVB-S/S2/T/T2/C Field Meter + Case
    SKU: TEL593314
    On request
    €2,177.82 Tax included
  14. HD TAB700 field meter from Satellite Rover
    On request
    €2,223.39 Tax included
  15. H30 evolution DVB-S/S2 + DVB-T/T2 field meter
    SKU: TEL593502
    On request
    €2,261.59 Tax included
  16. HD Ranger ECO Field Meter
    In stock
    €2,399.01 Tax included
  17. H30 evolution DVB-S/S2 + DVB-T/T2/C field meter
    SKU: TEL593504
    On request
    €2,443.27 Tax included
  18. H30Crystal Full DVB-S/S2 + DVB-T + F.O. Field Meter Selective (Category F) Accessories: Meter + Bracelet for Smartph ​
    SKU: TEL593601
    On request
    €2,654.44 Tax included
  19. H30Crystal Full DVB(-S/S2 + -T/T2 + -C) F.O. Field Meter Selective (Includes Briefcase and Smartphone Bracelet)
    SKU: TEL593625
    On request
    €2,660.73 Tax included
  20. Field Meter H30Crystal DVB-S/S2 +DVB-T+F.O. Selective(Cat F)
    SKU: TEL593621
    On request
    €2,857.35 Tax included
  21. Medidor de Campo H30CRYSTAL DVB-S/S2 / DVB-T/T2 / F.O + Complementos
    SKU: TEL593602
    On request
    €2,869.15 Tax included
  22. Field Meter H30Crystal DVB-S/S2 + DVB-T/T2 + F.O. Selective (Category F) (Includes Smartphone Armband)
    SKU: TEL593622
    On request
    €3,073.25 Tax included
  23. Meters HD Ranger Ultra Lite
    On request
    €3,126.34 Tax included
  24. HD Ranger NEO LITE Field Meter
    On request
    €4,070.14 Tax included
  25. MOSAIQ6 field meter for DVB-T/T2/S/S2/C + CI + FO Selective
    SKU: TEL596111
    On request
    €4,813.38 Tax included
  26. Field meter HD Ranger NEO +
    On request
    €5,249.89 Tax included
  27. MOSAIQ6 DVB-T/T2/S/S2/C + CI + FO Meter
    SKU: TEL596101
    On request
    €6,834.30 Tax included
  28. HD Ranger NEO 2 Field Meter
    On request
    €7,314.45 Tax included
  29. MOSAIQ6 DVB-T/T2/S/S2/C + CI + Sel. FO Meter (Case)
    SKU: TEL596112
    On request
    €7,592.87 Tax included
  30. DVB-T/T2/S/S2/SX/C + CI + FO Mosaiq6 Field Meter (Includes Transport Bag)
    SKU: TEL596115
    On request
    €8,962.57 Tax included
  31. HD Ranger NEO 3 Field Meter
    On request
    €9,555.98 Tax included
  32. ATSC 3.0 AND DVB Universal Field Meter for Broadcast
    On request
    €12,269.40 Tax included

32 Items

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