Transmodulators and Processors

Transmodulators, Processors and Regenerators

In this section you can find a wide range of products that work for analogic or digital signals, such as terrestrial, satellite and baseband signals. Therefore we have Transmodulators, a device designed to receive a modulated signals, which make the extraction of the information and treat type of modulation, so it is necessary the installation of a regenerators, to reconstruct the signal to its original form, the sources processors and accessories, processors for Canal Plus which makes the converterse of the channels.


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  1. Support table / wall encoder T.0X
    SKU: TEL567401
    On request
    €24.88 Tax included
  2. Power supply of 24V and 1.6A T0X individual 562802 of Televes
    SKU: TEL562802
    In stock
    €56.49 Tax included
  3. T0X whole band central (46-862 MHz) 44dB Televes 5575
    SKU: TEL5575
    On request
    €204.21 Tax included
  4. CDC Header Controller IP T0X
    SKU: TEL5559
    In stock
    €448.76 Tax included
  5. Analogic / digital channel Processor T.0X TWIN
    SKU: TEL564901
    On request
    €477.02 Tax included
  6. Twin Analogic Modulator T.0X A/V - PAL Stereo
    SKU: TEL5806
    On request
    €496.11 Tax included
  7. T.0X Encoder Single HDMI - COFDM/QAM + Alim. 18V
    SKU: TEL566001
    On request
    €933.39 Tax included
  8. T.0X Trasmodulador DVB / T2 - QAM CI TWIN MUX 2C- 2C
    SKU: TEL565201
    On request
    €1,192.24 Tax included
  9. Engel 4xDVB-S/S2/S2x to 4xDVB-T/C Compact Headend Transmodulator
    In stock
    €1,361.25 Tax included
  10. T0X Encoder 2e HDMI YPbPr - MPEG2 / 4 COFDM / QAM TWIN
    SKU: TEL563832
    On request
    €1,718.22 Tax included
  11. T.0X Modulator Encoder A/V-IP or IP-DVBT/DVBC Televes
    SKU: TEL563852
    On request
    €2,121.74 Tax included
  12. Transmodulador de Cabecera Compacta 8 x HDMI A 4XDVB-T/+IP de Engel
    SKU: ENGMS8800HD
    In stock
    €2,409.41 Tax included
  13. Promax Video/Audio to DTT Converter in Standard Definition (SD)
    SKU: PROEN-504C
    On request
    €2,477.48 Tax included
  14. Compact Transmodulador Max-1 with 4 satellite DTT mux inputs 8
    On request
    €3,315.10 Tax included
  15. Quadruple Video/Audio Converter to DTT in Standard Definition (SD) from Promax
    SKU: PRODT-504B
    On request
    €4,719.00 Tax included

15 Items

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