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Equipment for proper installation, testing and certification of fiber optic installations

In this section we have all the necessary facilities for fiber optic material. Since the connectors and protecctores for the merger, as cutting, peeling, until fusion splicers, through cleaner, scissors, mechanical splicer, etc,


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  1. Fiber protectors for fusion Televes 2327
    SKU: TEL2327A

    €0.29 Tax included
  2. Kevlar scissors for fiber optics
    SKU: TEL232310

    €31.62 Tax included
  3. Fiber optic cleaning kit
    SKU: TEL232710

    €38.13 Tax included
  4. Warehouse Fibre
    SKU: AF007

    €43.66 Tax included
  5. Mechanical Splice Fiber Optic 5 Units
    SKU: AF011

    €58.99 Tax included
  6. Large Coaxial and Fiber Cable Dispenser
    SKU: TEL212011

    €78.78 Tax included
  7. Cleaner Fiber Optic Connectors
    SKU: AF009

    €97.93 Tax included
  8. Tecatel Fiber Optic Fuser Battery
    SKU: TECFO110001BA

    €132.50 Tax included
  9. Televes Fuser Electrodes
    SKU: TEL993620

    €136.13 Tax included
  10. Televes Fuser Electrodes 993601
    SKU: TEL993601

    €136.13 Tax included
  11. Fault Locator Fiber Optic

    €146.29 Tax included
  12. Low Cost Mini power meter

    €146.29 Tax included

Items 1-12 of 56

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