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Equipment for proper installation, testing and certification of fiber optic installations

In this section we have all the necessary facilities for fiber optic material. Since the connectors and protecctores for the merger, as cutting, peeling, until fusion splicers, through cleaner, scissors, mechanical splicer, etc,


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  1. Triple fiber optic cable stripper FO-110013 from Tecatel
    SKU: TECFO110013

    €5.93 Tax included
  2. Dispenser for alcohol 250 cc for fiber optic cable

    €7.74 Tax included
  3. 200ml alcohol canister to clean FO-110009 fiber optic from Tecatel
    SKU: TECFO110009

    €8.39 Tax included
  4. Tool for blowing and cleaning dust fiber cable FO-110023 Tecatel
    SKU: TECFO110023

    €9.32 Tax included
  5. Front peeler for fiber optic cable FTTH FO-110018 Tecatel
    SKU: TECFO110018

    €12.58 Tax included
  6. FO-110011 fiber optic cleaning towels from Tecatel
    SKU: TECFO110011

    €13.81 Tax included
  7. Mechanical Splice for optical fiber
    SKU: TEL2328

    €14.79 Tax included
  8. Replacement tape for optical cleaning reel

    €19.97 Tax included
  9. 1 liter Isopropyl Alcohol Bottle Bitel

    €20.33 Tax included
  10. Special fiber optic scissors for kevlar fiber FO-110006 from Tecatel
    SKU: TECFO110006

    €25.16 Tax included
  11. Mechanical Splice Tool for 35GTEFAST

    €27.23 Tax included
  12. SC-FC fiber optic cable cleaning pen FO-110012 from Tecatel
    SKU: TECFO110012

    €28.80 Tax included

Items 1-12 of 84

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Optical Fiber Instrumentation