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The LNB is the most important element for the satellite dish antenna since it is the one that really captures the signal and the better the LNB, the better signal quality we will obtain.

There are different types of LNB converters:

  • Universal LNBs (Ku band): They are the most common to watch satellite TV in Europe, as well as other services. These LNBs divide the satellite bandwidth into 4 polarities (V/L, V/H, H/H, H/L) among which the user will choose the one that best suits him depending on the channels he wants to watch.

Within the Universal LNBs, we can divide them by the number of outputs: Single (1 output), Twin (2 outputs), Quad (4 outputs), Quattro (4 outputs: 1 for each polarity) and even Octo (eight outputs).

  • LNB Band C: They are used for the same purpose as those of the Ku band, although they operate in a different frequency range and are more common in America and Asia. They need large parabolic antennas with a central focus. Currently we do not have this type of LNB in ​​our catalog.
  • LNB Unicable: A very interesting system but unfortunately quite unknown. They need a Unicable receiver to be able to use it, many satellite receivers include this function. These LNBs allow the distribution of the complete satellite (the 4 polarities) to a total of 4 users (Unicable I) and up to 24 users (Unicable II) over a single coaxial cable.

They are the best solution for community installations where users need to receive different polarities. Even for unicable installations of several satellites there are also unicable multiswitches. The Unicable system allows complex satellite distributions to be easily carried out with the fewest possible cables and avoiding switching problems, which would otherwise be present.

  • Optical LNB: These LNBs are used with normal offset satellite dishes, with the difference that they transform the satellite signal into an optical signal to transmit it over very long distances (kilometers) by fiber cable. They require other equipment for their implementation: optical converters, fiber optics, attenuators, distributors, optical receivers, etc.

A system aimed at satellite installations in large areas, urban complexes and buildings. Distributing all the polarities of a satellite through a single fiber cable, saving large distances and attenuations.


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  1. Economic Universal Single LNB Converter
    In stock
    €3.10 Tax included
  2. LNB Universal Single Converter 0.2dB 50dB Engel
    SKU: ENGAN7123
    In stock
    €4.78 Tax included
  3. Single LNB Converter 0,3dB orange Televes 7475
    SKU: TEL7475
    On request
    €5.76 Tax included
  4. Single Premium 0.2dB Inverto Universal LNB Converter
    SKU: ANTIV205025
    In stock
    €7.34 Tax included
  5. Economic Universal Quad LNB Converter
    In stock
    €9.98 Tax included
  6. Engel Quad Pirme Focus LNB Converter
    SKU: ENGAN7118
    In stock
    €10.89 Tax included
  7. Single Black Ultra high-end LNB converter 0.2 dB by Inverto.
    SKU: INV5928
    In stock
    €11.88 Tax included
  8. Universal Twin LNB Converter 0.3dB 50dB Engel
    SKU: ENGAN7106
    In stock
    €12.05 Tax included
  9. Economic Universal Twin LNB Converter
    In stock
    €12.45 Tax included
  10. QUATTRO Universal LNB Converter 0.3dB Engel
    SKU: ENGAN7142
    In stock
    €14.18 Tax included
  11. Monoblock 6º Single LNB Converter ASTRA + HOTBIRD Engel
    SKU: ENGAN7108
    In stock
    €14.94 Tax included
  12. Quattro Illusion Platinum Tecatel LNB Converter
    On request
    €14.94 Tax included
  13. High Gain Single LNB Converter (1 output)
    SKU: MEG0400072
    In stock
    €15.29 Tax included
  14. LNB Quattro HOME PRO of the brand Inverto
    On request
    €16.36 Tax included
  15. LNB Illusion Monobloc Single 6º, 1 salt. Universal
    In stock
    €16.67 Tax included
  16. Twin Premium 0.2dB Inverto Universal LNB Converter
    SKU: ANTIV205040
    In stock
    €17.21 Tax included
  17. Economic Universal Quattro LNB Converter
    On request
    €18.91 Tax included
  18. Inverto C-Band Single LBN Converter
    On request
    €19.70 Tax included
  19. LNB Quad Home Pro Inverto
    On request
    €19.84 Tax included
  20. Economic Universal Octo LNB Converter
    In stock
    €19.84 Tax included
  21. LNB Twin 0.3 dB converter with 2 Televes outputs
    SKU: TEL747802
    In stock
    €20.10 Tax included
  22. Inverto Quattro Premium 0.2dB Universal LNB Converter
    SKU: ANTIV205045
    In stock
    €20.24 Tax included
  23. Inverto Twin Black Ultra 0.2dB LNB Converter
    SKU: INV5929
    In stock
    €26.44 Tax included
  24. OUTLET: Quattro Black Ultra 0.2dB LNB converter
    SKU: ANTIV205545
    In stock
    €29.16 Tax included
  25. Televes Quattro Offset LNB Converter
    SKU: TEL747701
    In stock
    €30.32 Tax included
  26. LNB Converter Monoblock 4.3º Adjustable Multigrade 1 Output
    On request
    €31.34 Tax included
  27. Quad Premium 0.2dB Inverto Universal LNB Converter
    SKU: ANTIV205050
    On request
    €32.21 Tax included
  28. Wideband LNB with Vertical/Horizontal Output (290-2340MHz) by Johansson
    SKU: JOH9720
    On request
    €32.59 Tax included
  29. Broadband LNB 2 outputs V/H Televes
    SKU: TEL747402
    In stock
    €37.17 Tax included
  30. Televes Offset QUAD LNB Converter
    SKU: TEL761001
    In stock
    €40.95 Tax included
  31. LNB Monoblock Twin 4.3º
    SKU: SRTL772
    On request
    €46.86 Tax included
  32. LNB Monoblock Quad 6º Hot Bird/Astra
    In stock
    €49.49 Tax included
  33. LNB converter Octo 0,2dB Inverto Black Pro (8 outputs)
    SKU: ANTIV205060
    On request
    €50.82 Tax included
  34. LNB Illusion Monobloc Twin 6º, 2 salts. universal
    On request
    €51.35 Tax included

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