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Satellite signal Transmodulators

In this section we will find the different types of DVB-S/S2 satellite transmodulators. This electronic device is the one that receives a modulated signal according to a specific technique, which extracts the information carried by the signal and modulates it by means of a technique other than that used in its origin. Therefore we find digital transmodulators (DVB-S/S2 - QAM CI or COFDM CI), various transmodulators such as QPSK - DVBT2 + Ethernet Input, or COFDM / QAM. Here you can choose the one that best suits your needs.

In other words, what satellite transmodulators do is convert a satellite signal to another type of signal, for example DTT. It is useful for example in a hotel, hospital, residence, etc. where instead of having to put a satellite receiver in all the rooms, what is done is to convert those satellite channels that interest them into DTT channels and therefore they can be tuned to all the DTT digital terrestrial televisions that already has the building, reducing investment and being more comfortable for the guest to have only one remote control to change the channel.

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  1. Power supply for rail DIN 12V and 4.5A for transmodulator TDX-420
    SKU: TECDR6012

    €56.99 Tax included
  2. DVB-S to AM Transmodulator Ikusi SRF-011
    SKU: IKU4084

    €346.47 Tax included
  3. Transmodulator DVB-S2 to DVB-T with CI from Terra
    SKU: TECTDX410

    €368.34 Tax included
  4. Twin DVB-S / S2 to DVB-T TDX-420 transmodulator from Terra
    SKU: TECTDX420

    €511.83 Tax included
  5. Digital Transmodulador T0X DVBS2 - COFDM
    SKU: TEL563101

    €524.85 Tax included
  6. Transmodulador DVB-S / S2 to COFDM
    SKU: IKU4099

    €580.58 Tax included
  7. Transmodulador DVB-S (2) / QAM CI
    SKU: TEL563501

    €666.47 Tax included
  8. Digital Transmodulador T0X DVBS2-COFDM C.I. Televes 563 301
    SKU: TEL563301

    €699.79 Tax included
  9. Digital Transmodulador T0X DVBS2 - TWIN QAM Televes 5630
    SKU: TEL5630

    €731.45 Tax included
  10. Transmodulator twin DVB-S2 to DVB-T with CI TDX420S from Terra

    €909.32 Tax included
  11. Transmodulador Digital Satellite DVBS/2 - COFMD CI
    SKU: TEL564201

    €962.13 Tax included

Items 1-12 of 26

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Satellite Transmodulators