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Reception and Mounting Systems

This section is dedicated to different types of satellite antennas, satellite dishes both as flat. These systems usually work reception at very high frequencies and have a very high gain. In addition, here we find the media required for installation.

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  1. Short Flange for PG32 and PG40 FTE Supports
    SKU: EKMR8

    €1.83 Tax included
  2. Taco kit, lag screw and washer. 4 units
    SKU: TDT0012

    €2.08 Tax included
  3. Satellite painted support PM 32
    SKU: DAXSU0201

    €3.30 Tax included
  4. Parabolic Stand 60-80cm PM 32 Silver
    SKU: DAXSU0202

    €3.35 Tax included
  5. Wall support U SG -30
    SKU: ROV53066

    €3.73 Tax included
  6. Wall/Mast Support ø32mm for 60cm Satellite Dish
    SKU: FTEPG32

    €4.27 Tax included
  7. Wall mount ø 30 mm for 60 cm dishes.
    SKU: ROV53034

    €4.33 Tax included
  8. Support of 35mm diameter for parabolic antenna of 80cm diameter
    SKU: ROV61039

    €5.13 Tax included
  9. Parabolic Support Daxis PM 40 Painted Wall/Mast
    SKU: DAXSU0220

    €5.51 Tax included
  10. Parabolic Support Daxis PM 40 Silver Wall/Mast
    SKU: DAXSU0221

    €5.51 Tax included

Items 1-12 of 87

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Satellite Antennas & supports