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FTE rosette embellishing plate

The FTE MP 76-BL embellisher is a trim for a TV and satellite outlet.

This trim is used with the ATS-75 socket of FTE, which has 2 different connectors, one for terrestrial and one for satellite.

In addition, this trim can be used with any surface socket.

The FTE MP 76-BL trim is a trim with 2 different connectors.

What technical characteristics does the MP 76-BL embellisher have?

  • It is white.
  • It is used for sockets with 2 connectors.
  • It can be attached to the APS 75 socket.
  • It is used for TV-SAT.

How is the trim installed?

The bezel has a small screw in the center, which is screwed directly to the socket, which has a thread in the center where you enter the screw of the bezel.

It can be installed in any outlet, although it only has two connectors, the only thing that a hole in the trim would be unusable.

More Information
EAN 8436023599818
System Register
SERIE Network Termination
Color White
TV-SAT Distribution Equipment Accessory
Entorno Interior
Product Brand Fte
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